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Cricket Wireless Review: All You Need To Know About It



This is my detailed review of Cricket Wireless. I have used their service for 2 months now and have traveled the West coast, North East and some places in between. So far I am really satisfied with the cellular coverage, 4g LTE data speeds, affordable plans and various perks of Cricket. In this blog post, I’ve tried to share my experiences in case you want to learn about Cricket Wireless!

What’s awesome about Cricket Wireless

Great Network Coverage

Cricket WirelessCricket Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T; they both use the same cellular infrastructure which is why Cricket is able to provide much better coverage compared to other competitors. As mentioned above, I have been to the Bay area, Chicago, IL and few places urban and rural in Ohio — I have had cellular service throughout. The data speeds varied but I got enough bandwidth for streaming songs on Spotify, casual browsing, emails and iPhone app updates. I’ve included some screenshots below. Cricket caps the data speed to 8Mbps downstream however 8Mbps is more than sufficient for using internet. Also one would never try to stream full movies on cellular data unless they are on the unlimited plan.

Cricket Rewards – Benefits For Loyality

Cricket Rewards signup code

Cricket Wireless also has an app called “Cricket Rewards” where you collect points for participating in small in-app activities. These are completely optional. Customers can use the points to redeem gift cards to more than 50 stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc and even Cricket Wireless refill cards.

New Cricket customers who sign up for Cricket Rewards using someone’s referral code get 50,000 points for free, which can be used to redeem $25 Cricket refill card or other gift cards. All the earning/redeeming points is done through the Cricket Rewards app.

If you’re looking for a referral code, you may use mine: ANIKY-405872

Cricket Group Save – Up To $100 OFF

Group Save is essentially family plan at Cricket, but you don’t necessarily need family members. You can create groups with friends or even with random strangers on the internet! 🙂 (Check out /r/CricketGroups if you want to create groups with redittors)

The coolest thing is that with group savings, 2.5 GB 4g LTE + Unlimited talk/text costs only $20/mo! I don’t think there are other carriers that can manage to provide comparable service at such an affordable price.

$5 AutoPay Discount

Another cool aspect of Cricket is the autopay discount. If you set your payment method to auto-deduct the amount at the start of each billing cycle then Cricket gives $5 discount per month! For instance if you sign up for the 2.5 GB data plan which costs $40/mo, it will be $35/mo. However, the same plan would be $20/mo if you are on a group plan with 5 people. One thing to note is that group plans are not eligible for auto-pay $5 discount because groups are already discounted significantly.

Tax Inclusive Rates – No Hidden Fees

Also Cricket Wireless doesn’t have additional charges related to TAX or VAT like other carriers. The price shown on their website is what you pay in total. There are no separate state tax because everything is included in the advertised price.

Cricket Wireless Plans and Rates

These are Cricket Wireless’s phone plans as of now. If you set auto-pay on, there will be $5 discount OFF these prices. IF you are enrolled in a group save plan, discounts will be as mentioned below.

Cricket wireless plans with discount

Cricket Wireless Family Plans Savings – AKA Group Save

Cricket calls Family Plans as “Group Save”. The savings in Cricket Group Save are as follows:
2 person in group = $10/mo total discount = $5/mo per person discount
3 person group = $30/mo total discount = $10/mo per person discount
4 person group = $60/mo total discount = $15/mo per person discount
5 person group = $100/mo total discount = $20/mo per person discount

For example, if all 5 slots in the group remained filled, rates will be:
$20/Mo = 2.5 GB 4g LTE data, unlimited Talk & Text
$30/Mo = 5 GB 4g LTE, unlimited Talk & Text (currently 8 GB as promotion)
$40/Mo = 10 GB 4g LTE, unlimited Talk & Text
$50/Mo = Unlimited 4g LTE data, unlimited Talk & Text

Each member in the group can have different plans. Discounts to the group is dependent on number of people in the group, not on their type of plans. The 1 GB data plan (aka new plan) is not eligible for group save. I am personally using the 2.5GB data plan and it is more than sufficient for my needs.

Cricket Wireless Discounts

As mentioned, Cricket has Group Save discounts and Auto-pay discounts. Group save works just like family plan where the more people you have in the group, the more the discount. Auto-pay is $5 discount for non-group members if they set their account to auto-deduct amount at the end of every billing cycle.

Besides these, Cricket also has Cricket Rewards and Refer a friend bonus. I’ll discuss them individually below.

Cricket Rewards – Get 50,000 Points

Cricket Rewards is an app by Cricket which lets you collect points. Points can be redeemed for giftcards and even Cricket Refill cards. If you haven’t signed up for Cricket Rewards, you may use my Cricket Rewards referral code: ANIKYDV-0B868E

Cricket Refer A Friend – Free $25 Sign Up Bonus

Cricket Wireless also has a referral program where both the referrer and the referee get $25 credit each. If you signup using my referral link, both you and I will get free $25 credit each in our Cricket account which can be applied towards our monthly bill. When your service is active, remember to go back to the referral site and enter your new (or ported) phone number to complete the process. Only then you (and I) will get the $25 credit. Many people miss this last step and forfeit their referral bonus.

Cricket Wireless Speedtest and Benchmark

Now here are some of my Speedtest results of Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless data speed

Not bad, eh? Cricket mentions on its website that the data speeds are capped at 8Mbps. For me it has not been a problem as the data is sufficiently fast. Last month I wasn’t able to use up all my 2.5 GB of data so towards the end I was even streaming Spotify on it when travelling.

Moving from Republic Wireless to Cricket Wireless

Switching from other carriers to Cricket is easy. Porting numbers takes 5 minutes and the propagation takes few hours. You will be able to do it on your table without even visiting the Cricket outlet. However Switching from Republic to Cricket is tricky. Before I came to Cricket, I was on Republic Wireless. Republic’s number is classified as a landline number by Cricket so Cricket cannot directly port numbers from Republic to Cricket. I bought a T-Mobile SIM card online for $5 and ported my number from Republic to T-Mobile. Porting numbers is free. The T-Mobile SIM came pre-activated with 30 minutes talk + SMS, which was enough for me to port my number out to the Cricket SIM which I ordered from Amazon. A few phone calls to Cricket and T-Mobile customer support and few hours later, my phone was fully functional on Cricket. Cricket is such a relief. Compared to Republic Wireless, Cricket provides more data, more coverage and for less money.

Cricket Wireless Coverage

I have been using an iPhone 7 with Cricket wireless and so far I have had no problems. The coverage is better than I expected. I get 3 or 4 bars almost all the time. The data always seem to work. Here’s a map from Cricket’s website as a reference.

Cricket Wireless Coverage map

Cricket Wireless Deals For New Customers

For prospective customers of Cricket Wireless, here are some money saving tips:

Buy the Cricket Wireless SIM card from Amazon. Last time I checked they were for $5 on Amazon and $10 on Cricket’s website.

Cricket Wireless does not charge activation fee if you are switching from other carriers. Although you can BYOD (bring your own device), Cricket has huge deals on new phones. For instance, the LG X power™ for $10 and Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 for $40 and more. Also consider joining group plan for more savings. Or simply keep autopay ON and save $5 every month.

As mentioned above, use referral link to sign up and get $25 in free Cricket credits PLUS get another $25 worth giftcards from Cricket Rewards app by signing up with referral code ANIKYDV-0B868E.

Now onto you. Are you a Cricket customer? Do you have questions or money saving suggestions? Put them down in the comments section below!

UberEats – Sign Up and Get $10 Discount On Your Order



UberEats is an instant food delivery service from Uber. If you have never used it yet, sign up and apply UberEats coupon code “eats-UberKFC” to get $10 OFF on your order.

What is UberEats?

UberEats CouponA food delivery service from parent company Uber, UberEats app can be downloaded from the app store or the play store. Once logged in, you can look for local restaurants in your city. All the restaurants that have signed up to deliver with UberEats will be available. After you select where you want to order food from, it is time to select FOOD!

Just as you’d look at an online menu, users can select individual food items and add them to cart. UberEats allows you to add special instructions/comment to each item in your cart. If you’d need additional spoons, forks, napkins, etc … comment section is where to request. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and check out. There is no need to tip because all fees including tip and delivery is included in the final amount. After you check out and pay through the app, you will receive notification that your order has been received by the restaurant.

Once the restaurant gets the order, they being preparing the food. This can be seen in realtime by the user through the UberEats app as well as the UberEats website. The coolest part in my opinion is the delivery where you can track your food on the map moving towards your delivery location, just as you’d see Uber cars whenever you request one.

UberEats OrderingUberEats is similar to other food delivery apps like GrubHub, Caviar and PostMates. The only difference is that UberEats is a service by Uber. When you order using other apps, the person who delivers car able to choose their own mode of transport, which could be a bike. With UberEats, you can be assured that it is the same Uber cars that are doing the delivery. In most places, this will be faster and dependable.

Especially when you want to get food from restaurant that’s far far away. Also the delivery fee is $5 flat in UberEats. In other apps, it varies. On some services like GrubHub, you have to pay tip to the person who delivers, when you receive your food. With UberEats, you don’t need to pay tip becaue everything is affordabily included in the final price and is paid online when you order. This is a good user experience because the customer doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash. As soon as the food is delivered, all they should care about is its taste.

Tracking Your Orders On UberEats

Uber Eats Tracking DeliveryAfter you order food through the app, tracking the delivery is really convenient. As you can see in this image, the icon with spoon and fork is the food. The green and black pin is user’s delivery location. Gradually and in real time, the food icon moves towards the final destination. It feels good to see your food slide on the map and 20 minutes later – ring your door bell.

Uber Eats Is Available In:

Uber Eats is available in most of the cities right now. You can check availability on its website or through the app. Some of the cities are:

Atlanta, NYC, Washington DC, Denver, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco, The Bay area, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, etc.

Sign Up and Get $10 OFF On Your 1st Food Order

I hope you liked my short intro to UberEats. If you sign up using my promo code “eats-UberKFC”, you’ll get $10 OFF on your first order. It also covers the delivery cost. Also, you can recommend UberEats to your friends and when they use your promo code, they will get $10 OFF on their food order as well! As a bonus, UberEats will also give you, the referrer, a $10 credit to use on next food order.

Uber Eats promo code

Now your turn. What do you like or dislike about Uber’s new app Uber Eats? Do you have any money saving tips or general suggestions that you’d like to share? Put them down in the comments section below!

Republic Wireless Review: Everything You Need To Know



I have been a Republic Wireless user for over 2 years now. This is my review of its perks, benefits, phone choices and plan prices. See how Republic Wireless stacks against the competition and what makes it special.

Update: Good news! Republic Wireless supports the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones!

Republic Wireless

What Is Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless is a hybrid cellular service provider that uses both WiFi and cell for talk and text. That way they’re able to provide cheaper service and extra coverage in places where cell can’t always reach – even abroad. They combine fast nationwide 4G LTE cell service with WiFi for talk and text, more coverage, and incredible savings. When there is WiFi, the phone uses internet for talk and text. In absence of WiFi it automatically switches back to cellular. The process of “switching” is seamless and barely noticeable to the end user but is the reason why their phone bills can be as low as $15/month.

Benefits of using Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless Phones

Republic supports some of the best Android smartphones in the market right now. To name them all, they are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, J3
  • LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P
  • Moto X, Moto X Pure Edition, Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus

Republic Wireless phones selection

You can purchase the phone at Republic in which case everything (phone, SIM, cellular) comes already installed hassle-free. OR you can buy one of those phones elsewhere and pop in Republic’s SIM card. Once the SIM is activated, it will work both on Wi-Fi and Cellular. Before they added the Nexus and Samsung phones to the fleet, they had Moto phones which is what I have been proudly using so far. I might get the Nexus 5X or Samsung S7 very soon.

Republic Wireless Plans

Republic rolled out their glorious new plans recently which are easier to understand and easier to afford. 🙂

Republic Wireless Plans

You can add more cell data whenever you need it – right from the Republic app on your phone. They don’t charge any fees if you use all data for that month. Upgrading to higher plan only cost the difference between your old plan and the new plan you choose. If you ever want to switch to a lower wireless plan, you can do that too for your next billing cycle.

PS: You can use the app to change your plan, add/remove cellular data, change your phone number, or cancel your service entirely. The app has all these functionality.

Republic Wireless Network & Coverage

They rely on T-Mobile for the cellular service and data so coverage should not be a problem. Click here to check network coverage in your area, for when you don’t have WiFi. Once you’ve verified coverage – pick your phone, choose a plan, and place order. Your shiny new phone will be delivered at your doorstep within 2-3 business days.

AND here’s the best part: at times when you do not have cellular service – say when you’re working in your basement bunker – the phone will still be able to place/receive calls if there’s WiFi around. This for me has been the biggest delight because there’s WiFi when I travel internationally. Last month I was at the Dubai airport and was able to call my friends from my US phone number over the WiFi without roaming charge! There is no roaming charge.

Republic Wireless phones make international travel really easy.

Republic Wireless vs Google Fi

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SiteGround Review: Why I Love SiteGround Web Hosting



This is my review of SiteGround and its web hosting service after I have been their customer for over six months. I will highlight the differences between SiteGround and other popular alternatives like BlueHost, HostGator, iPage….. and it will soon be clear how SiteGround beats all the other standard web hosting companies.

Get 60% OFF on your SiteGround hosting purchase: Sign up using my coupon link

The word “standard” is important because it is unfair to really compare SiteGround (and BlueHost, DreamHost, HostGator, iPage, etc) with the expensive and premium services like LiquidWeb, Flywheel, MediaTemple, Pagely, WPEngine, etc. If you are hosting a site that gets 1+ million visitors per month, definitely get a managed dedicated hosting with one of these premium hosts. But if there’s no killer traffic, say below 100,000 visitors/mo, or if you are just starting out a website/blog — then SiteGround is a great option. Here’s why:

SiteGround’s Affordable Pricing – Pay Less, Do More

SiteGround has 3 distinct plans – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. GrowBig and GoGeek can be assumed as “premium shared hosting” because of the additional perks that they offer. If your website needs more resources, SiteGround also provides Cloud hosting, managed Dedicated Servers and then Reseller hosting.

Siteground review shared hosting plans

Siteground all essential featuresStartUp plan only allows 1 website per account and is suitable for ~10,000 monthly visits. For clarity, 1 visit equals access from 1 IP address over 24 hrs time. If the same visitor accesses your website 20 times in the same day, that counts as 1 visit. If you are just starting out, with just 1 website, StartUp plan is a good choice.

It comes with 1 free domain, unlimited traffic, free SSL & HTTP/2, unlimited MySQL DB, SSD Storage, Email, CloudFlare CDN, Free daily backup, etc.

Siteground premium featuresGrowBig plan is my personal favorite and the one that I am using right now! It allows hosting of multiple websites, and is suitable for ~25,000 combined monthly visits. However, if you use the CloudFlare option (included free), the limit is probably 100,000 visits/mo. CloudFlare caches the website’s data, reduces calls to the web server and also speeds up the website load time.

This plan comes equipped with SiteGround’s SuperCacher software-hardware custom feature that boosts speed and handles simultaneous website requests in spectacular ways! The SuperCacher is the reason why I chose to use SiteGround and have been pleased with the performance gain ever since.

Siteground advanced featuresGoGeek plan is what I might use when my website grows out of proportion. It is suitable for viral websites and resource hogging web-applications. It has every feature of the GrowBig plan, PLUS the Geeky advanced features (see the image attached). I would still recommend the GrowBig plan over GoGeek if your websites do not need these extra features. Why pay for extra when you can get the best out of the more affordable plan?

I have hosted many WordPress websites on Siteground. Their custom SuperCacher plugin is not just a WordPress caching plugin. The SuperCacher provides 3 levels of caching: Static Cache, Dynamic Cache and MemCache.

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$100 Liquid Web Coupons, Promo Codes & Hosting Discounts



Liquid Web is perfect for VPS, Dedicated hosting and Cloud services. Apply Liquid Web coupons and save over $100 on your purchase at LiquidWeb today!

Introduction To Liquid Web Hosting

liquid web hosting iconLiquid Web is one of those top hosting companies that are focused on corporate and enterprise website services. It’s main products are dedicated hosting, VPS and ‘Smart Servers’, which utilize cloud technology. LiquidWeb is privately owned and has been in business since 1997. It currently owns and manages three data centers, in Lansing, MI (US), and it has an additional office in Scottsdale, AZ. With just 20,000 clients, the company is smaller but it arguably focuses on high-value services as opposed to signing up large numbers of clients. As a result, Liquid Web’s services are top rated, moderately priced, reliable and have serious resource backing them.

LiquidWeb Hosting Plans

LiquidWeb offers fully managed dedicated servers, Storm platform Cloud dedicated AND Storm platform VPS hosting plans.

Liquid web coupons

  • Dedicated servers can be selected and customized on the website. Depending on the server configuration, and there’s a choice of processors, operating systems (including Windows and CentOs Linux), the cost will vary. One, two and four-core servers are available, and add-ons such as backups, storage and firewalls can be added for an additional fee.
  • The Storm Platform VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordable features of The Storm® Platform. Each VPS package supports 100 percent network uptime, monitoring, and a 30 minute response guarantee. For customers who want a normal VPS plan, LiquidWeb offer 5 different packages.
  • Storm Platform Cloud Dedicated Servers allow users to view complete technical server specifications and order exactly the server they need. Need a specific RAID configuration? Need an exact CPU processor type? No problem. You get complete hardware transparency and a choice between Windows or Linux.

LiquidWeb Uptime/Downtime

Dedicated and VPS customers are given a 100% network up-time guarantee at LiquidWeb, plus a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee and a 30 minute initial response time guarantee. Impressively, the company credits customers with 10x the amount of downtime they experienced if any of these promises are not met. In other words, each hour’s downtime results in ten hours’ account credit.

The company’s data centers are prominently promoted on its website; they have three separate facilities in Lansing, MI. All are privately owned and operated by the company, and they even provide videos to show off their facilities. The company offers Tier 1 premium bandwidth (via high-profile partners such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint), electronic security systems, dedicated power transformers and various forms of UPS backup, plus diesel generators. The data centers themselves have reinforced concrete walls and are air conditioned, with redundant air conditioning systems on standby.

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Honey Review: Browser Extension That Earns You Money!



honey reviewAvailable at, Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds you money saving coupons, AND also earns you cashback on online purchases! In this “Join Honey review”, I’ll show you how awesome this browser extension is – and how you can get started in seconds!

Click here to join Honey. (It’s free) Start saving money & earning gift cards within 60 seconds.

Honey App Review – Automated, Seamless Cash Back Earnings

There are numerous ways to save money. One of them is by using coupons, of course. Unfortunately not all stores have coupons that you can find online. But did you know that every time you shop online – regardless of if you use coupons or not – you could be earning free cash backs!

What Is Cash Back?

honey review cashback browser extensionCash back is the amount of money that you get back when you shop at a store. It is usually fixed in percentage. For example, a store might offer 10% in cash back. It means that if you buy a $200 appliance, you will get $20 back which can either be a voucher that can only be used at that store in future, or it may as well be cold hard cash.

Honey app calls this cash back offers “cash bonus” — they are the same. 🙂

Whenever you purchase at qualifying stores (which they have plenty), you will get cash bonus.

All About Honey – and how is it helpful?

Honey is a browser extension and because you almost always use a browser to shop online, this extension saves you money every time you check-out online. It has two main functions.

  1. Automatic Coupons Insertion

When you are at the checkout page of any qualifying store, in this case GoDaddy, click on the highlighted Honey icon on top right of your browser. Click on Try Codes and Honey app will automatically insert and check each coupon code to find you maximum savings. Proceed to check out, and enjoy both the coupon discount and cash bonus.

  1. Cash Back Rewards Program (also automatic)

Regardless of whether you applied coupons or not, you can enroll in the cash bonus (cash back) rewards program.

honey review cash back rewards browser extension

As you see, Honey browser extension sits there on your browser and saves your money without even you having to hustle.

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Ria Money Transfer Review and Free $20 Amazon Giftcard



I recently used Ria Money Transfer to send money to a friend who lives outside the US. When deciding between Xoom Money Transfer and Ria, I opted to choose Ria this time since it had direct bank transfer to my friend’s bank in his country. Unlike the mixed reviews on the internet, my experience with Ria money transfer was perfect. The money was delivered within 4 days. If I send to the same recipient again, it will be delivered instantly, well almost instantly! In this Ria Money Transfer review, I’ll talk about the awesome service I received from Ria.

For $20 Amazon gift card, signup at Ria using this link.

Ria Money Transfer Review

Why did I choose Ria?

Because transferring money bank-to-bank (swift transfer as they call it) is not the best idea. Your own bank will charge a transfer fee. The recipient bank will charge another one. Depending upon country and banks, the total fee can be as high as 100 USD. I always try to use money transfers like Xoom, Ria and Moneygram to skip those transfer fees. Ria has an offer where you can send any amount of money anywhere in the world WITHOUT a transfer fee, within the first 30 days of signing up on Ria. That is why I opted to try Ria.

Ria Money Transfer’s Sending Limit

You can transfer anywhere in between 1 USD and 2999 USD at a time, per day.
You also have a “maximum sending limit” of 7999 USD per 30-days period. Once that period is over, you can send up to 7999 USD again.

Transfer Rates and Fees

Ria money transfer fee

For the first 30 days from the date that you sign up, they don’t charge fees for any number of transfers. After that, depending upon where you are sending the money from and where your recipient is located, there can be some fees. I said “can” because some countries do not have fees if you are sending more than $999 at a time. The fee at other times is only $5 USD. Always opt to pay using a bank account to avoid fees. Using a credit card to pay will cost $20, and a debit card will cost $8.

No matter what, sending money using Ria money transfer is always cheaper than using a bank-to-bank overseas transfer.

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Dreamhost Coupons: All Promo Codes On A Single Page

Deals and Coupons


All Dreamhost Coupons Listed On A Single Page

In this short post, I’m going to link to all the Dreamhost coupons and Dreamhost promo codes which you can use for best discounts at

Dreamhost Coupons For Shared Hosting

Dreamhost coupons: Shared HostingThe shared website hosting plan is the quickest and most affordable way to get your website online. It’s perfect for blogs, portfolios, online stores and even complex database-driven sites. and best of all, with solid state drives (SSDs), your website will load 200% faster. Includes 1 Free domain name for the life of your hosting plan most companies offer a free domain for a year. Dreamhost gives you 1 free domain with hosting plan for as long as you pay your hosting bill.

NOTE: Includes 1 free .com, .net, .org or .info domain name for the life of your plan 🙂

Link to 40% Off: Dreamhost Shared Hosting Coupon

Dreamhost Coupons For DreamPress & DreamPress 2

DreamHost coupons: 40% Off on DreampressThese are best suited for WordPress websites.

Hosted on virtual private servers, DreamPress 2 is super fast and highly reliable managed WordPress hosting service. With DreamPress 2, you’ll get a WordPress-optimized server environment managed by experts at DreamHost so you can focus on creating an amazing website.

NOTE: DreamPress was recently updated to DreamPress 2 but the price remained same! 🙂
Don’t be confused. DreamPress 2 is the new DreamPress. The previous DreamPress is no longer in use.

Link to 40% Off: DreamPress 2 Coupon

Dreamhost Coupons For VPS Hosting

Dreamhost coupons: 75% OFF on VPSNow with solid state drives (SSDs), Virtual Private Servers at Dreamhost give developers, designers and businesses more power, speed and stability to successfully run their websites and applications.

If you’re a business experiencing high traffic to your site, a developer running a complex application that requires instant scalability, or a designer wanting to give your clients’ sites maximum performance, then VPS hosting is just what you need! Dreamhost is an incredibly popular provider of affordable VPS and dedicated plans.

Link to 75% Off: Dreamhost VPS Coupon

Dreamhost Coupons For Dedicated Server Hosting

DreamHost coupons: dedicated hosting couponWhen you’re done sharing and want your own server.

A dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. With your own server, there’ll be no more noisy neighbors disrupting your website performance. You’ll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website.

Plus, with dedicated server experts managing and monitoring the performance of your server 24×7, you can focus on your business.

Link to 30% Off: Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting Coupon

Why DreamHost?

DreamHost customers are as creative as they are entrepreneurial! We’ve gone out of our way to provide everything you’ll need to get your dreams online. DreamHost.

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NiceTalk Tutor Review: App That Pays To Tutor Chinese Students In English



NiceTalk Tutor AppAbout NiceTalk Tutor App

NiceTalk (known as NiceTalk Tutor on App store) is a legit app that pays $10/hr for tutoring Chinese students so as to improve their spoken English skills. You do not need any teaching credentials to become a tutor. All you need are internet, smartphone and good English speaking skill.

The app is easy to navigate through. Once you are logged in and press “go online”, the students will find you rather than you looking for students. If you build a good relation the same students will register for more lessons with you which is good for both parties. The teaching experience is really satisfying. If I felt I couldn’t deliver, it made me want to improve my approach on NiceTalk Tutor.

Notes on NiceTalk Cashout

NiceTalk Tutor app pays $10.00/hr and you get $10 bonus just for signing up using somebody’s referral code. You may use my code: TMPD53N0 for $10 bonus when signing up.

or, click here to sign up (ref-link) for $10 bonus during signup at NiceTalk.

As a tutor with a REF code, you receive $20 for every approved person who uses your ref, after they teach for 30mins. They payout via PayPal every Monday. If you’ve made under $20.00 for the week, they cycle that into the next payday.

Payment Proof Of NiceTalk

Just to make sure that this app was legit, I tutored and referred few of my friends. I was paid as mentioned, without any fees. The money was paid via Paypal in about 3 days from the date it was dispatched.

NiceTalk Tutor Payment Proof

As you can see, NiceTalk is completely legit and paid me 100% of what I earned, without any hidden fees.

Tutor’s Nationality

NiceTalk Tutor app is mainly for people from USA, Canada, Australia, and England but residents of other countries can submit a short video demonstrating their English speaking capabilities. On NiceTalk, the tutor’s nationality does not matter. If you can prove that you have a good command over the English language, you will be accepted in the tutoring program.

About The Students

Just as you’d expect, students on NiceTalk are a mixed pot. Some are very good with English while some can barely express themselves — which is why they chose to signup as students. The lessons are open-ended so feel free to talk about topics they want, or simply answer their questions. The end goal is to make them comfortable and teach them the English language.

How To Tutor On NiceTalk

The app does not enforce any strict methods. As a tutor, you are free to implement you own ways that you may be good with. From what I’ve gathered, there are not many opportunities for the students to speak with native English speakers, so just listening to how we formulate sentences and how we respond are already key elements to tutoring well. When I see they aren’t grasping it, I tune it slightly until they get the concept. It’s trial and error and you end up finding your own way to tutor as you become comfortable with their platform.

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