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About BioHarvest | 5% Off BioHarvest Promo Code

BioHarvest sparked interest when a biologist and grape specialist, situated in a progressive lab of the Minister of Agriculture in Israel asked the question, “How do we bring the benefits of red wine to the masses without the disadvantages of alcohol, sugar and calories?”

It was a good question! And a paradigm shift on how to leverage nature through science. For years, research had indicated that moderate intake of red wine could be beneficial. But to truly reap the benefits, one would have to drink a bottle of fine red wine every day. And we knew there had to be a better way to achieve the benefits without the high levels of sugar, calories and alcohol.

Based on research conducted by BioHarvest and the Institute of Plant Sciences, the Agricultural Research Organization – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, we ignited a scientific journey to pioneer the answer.

A turning point in our journey came in 2001, when a new study revealed for the first time that polyphenols found in red wine and red grapes (resveratrol, quercetin, tannins, catechins and anthocyanins) were linked to the production of proteins in blood vessels that helped promote blood vessel dilation and prevent constriction.

After extensive research and agricultural exploration, our team of PhDs and scientists unearthed a red grape unique for its complex of polyphenols and antioxidants. Using this grape, we discovered the first-ever biofood: VINIA™.

VINIA™ red grape powder is a superfood that offers the benefits of red wine, but without sugars, calories or alcohol. It boosts overall wellness, inside and out. Grown on a biofarm, VINIA™ is made of actual fruit cultivated into a high quality biofood.

What is VINIA?

VINIA™ is grown using biofarming, a game-changing breakthrough on a well-known hydroponic agricultural technology (growing plants and vegetables in nutrient solutions, in water without soil). This breakthrough has been under development for over a decade at BioHarvest by a team of PhDs and scientists in the heart of the Israel’s agriculture and biotech center.

BioHarvest’s breakthrough technology mirrors nature to create a fruit powder from the parent plant via a process that starts from planting fruit in nutritive liquid solutions and ultimately harvesting the final product— a fruit powder. It is not genetically engineered (non-GMO).

BioHarvest products are a close proxy to the consumption of large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables without the parent plants’ undesirable elements of calories, sugars or residues such as pesticides that are used in agricultural production.

While it certainly started with just a grape, BioHarvest’s vision is to continue to expand the platform technology, to develop additional new biofoods by cultivating the benefits of many fruits and vegetables..

Apply BioHarvest promo code to get instant 5% off on your order today! Beyond developing this breakthrough new platform technology, BioHarvest has leveraged its foundation in science to validate the strong beneficial aspects of its biofood through significant in-vitro and clinical trials.

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