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Use this GoDaddy SSL coupon code to save 25% off on Standard SSL Certificates from GoDaddy! Save on SSL Certificates For Your Website. Updated and tested!

The coupon codes that are made for SSL certificates only work on standard SSL certificates. If you’re looking for a coupon code for a UCC certificate or Wildcard SSL, then use one of the 30% off new products coupon codes.

GoDaddy SSL Coupon

SAFELY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ON YOUR WEBSITE – If you want to sell to a much larger audience, you need to give customers the payment options they prefer — AND you need an SSL to keep customers clicking through to checkout.

INCREASE CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE – Most people look for the https:// prefix in their browser bar before submitting personal information like their name, credit card number and address to a website. An SSL is the only way to get this.

PROTECT SENSITIVE INFORMATION SSL – Certificates protect your customers’ sensitive information by encrypting the data they send to you, then decrypting it once you’ve received it.

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