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MindSumo promo codeUse MindSumo promo code HOWARD for $5 bonus when signing up on Mindsumo.com as a new user.

This code is also for users who have not yet used any promo codes. If you never used MindSumo promo code before, just go to your account settings and you’ll see a box that lets you enter promo code. That way you can get additional $5.

Follow these steps as simple guidelines on MindSumo to earn quick $80:

  • Signup on MindSumo.com
  • Use MindSumo promo code HOWARD when signing up so you’ll get $5 signup bonus.
  • Verify your email after you register. Upon verification, you should have $40 in total.
  • Link your LinkedIn account for instant $5.
  • Become a campus ambassador for $15.
  • Solve your first MindSumo challenge and receive $25.
  • Also if your challenge gets picked as one of the 10 winners in any challenge, you will be rewarded with anywhere form $150 to $500 PER challenge.

MindSumo is meant for students or those who are in some ways related to educational institutes. You must have a valid .EDU email address to join MindSumo. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to verify your email so make sure you have a valid college email address. MindSumo is not a scam. It helps college students connect with companies, showcase their skills, win cash prizes, and prove themselves by solving challenges. Simultaneously it also helps companies get innovative ideas and make great hires.¬†Once you are on Mindsumo, a .edu email address and some creative, out-of-the-box thinking will fill your Paypal wallet with hundreds of dollars every week. If you’re up for it, you can also land internships! If you want to get more information or read our review of MindSumo, you can read it here. Feel free to comment if you have queries or comments.

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