Yotta Savings Review: All You Need To Know (plus free 100 tickets)



This is my review of Yotta Savings app after having used it for a month. I have tried to go in as much detail as possible to answer the questions I had when I first joined Yotta Savings. If you have any confusion or questions, feel free to reach out to me via the comment section below and I will get back to you.

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What is Yotta Savings?

Yotta Savings is a FDIC insured savings account that partners with banks that don’t have bloated marketing budgets and real estate expenses. That allows them to provide 15-100 times more value on savings compared to Wells Fargo or Chase.
Here’s what’s different: for every $25 held in Yotta Savings account, you get 1 lottery ticket every week. A lottery ticket has 7 numbers. Everyday at 6pm PST (9pm EST), one random number is drawn. At the end of the week you win prize money depending on how many numbers on your ticket matched with the numbers that were drawn. For instance, 5 numbers matched = $800 prize. 7 numbers matched = $10 million prize. The prize ranges from $0.10 to $10 million, per ticket. After the week ends, you again get 1 ticket for every $25 in your account to play the new week’s game. For instance, holding $500 in Yotta Savings account will give you 20 lottery tickets every week. If you sign up using my invite code ANIK1, you also get 100 bonus tickets for free.

Their app is available on IOS and Android app stores and anyone with a US bank account can use it for free. There is zero fees involved. No fee to transfer money into or out of Yotta. Just like a regular savings account, you can make up to 6 withdrawals per month. Withdrawals take 2-3 days to process back to your connected account. The lottery prizes are deposited into the account immediately after each week’s game ends on Sundays. The monthly savings bonus is deposited at the end of every month.



In their own words by the Yotta team,
Every $25 you save into our FDIC insured savings account earns you a recurring ticket to win prizes up to $10m through weekly random number drawings.
Pick 7 numbers for each of your tickets, or have them auto-selected for you.
A random number is drawn every night at 9pm ET, with the 7th and final number drawn on Sunday night.
The more numbers you match, the more you win. Match all 7 and you win the $10 million jackpot.
No matter what, you still get paid over 2x the national average on all your savings.
You can withdraw your money at any time and your money is fully FDIC insured, so thereโ€™s no risk.
Users don’t pay any fees whatsoever. Yotta gets paid by the bank.

Is Yotta Savings Legit? Yotta Savings Reviews

This is my earning screenshot from this weekYotta Savings is legit. It was featured on Product Hunt (backed by silicon valley’s Y Combinator). Take a look at this post for reference: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/yotta-savings

Personally I have been using Yotta for over a month now. Although I have not won $10 million yet (:D), I have won some small amounts and also received the monthly savings bonus. I am able to withdraw the amount to my linked bank account whenever I want. From experience I can vouch for Yotta that the app is real. It is definitely wise to keep your emergency savings in Yotta as compared to larger banks that don’t pay any real interest. Yotta pays interest (monthly savings bonus) and it also gives rewards (lottery winnings).

This week, one of my tickets has matched 4 numbers so I won $15 from it. And another 5 of my tickets matched 3 numbers each — $0.4 x 5 = $2. My total winnings this week = $17. The Yotta ball (red ball) is being drawn tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Check the screenshot attached ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d like to add that their app is nice too. Simple and straightforward, you will learn how Yotta Savings works in less than 5 minutes. People have rated them strongly on the app store.

Yotta Savings app store

Winning Prizes on Yotta Savings App

The weekly prizes on Yotta Savings range from $0.10 to $10 million per ticket. For instance, this is the prize distribution chart.
UPDATE: As of mid-May 2021, the second prize is now a Tesla Model 3 ๐Ÿ™‚
You win prizes on Yotta Savings by matching the numbers drawn every week

The more numbers on your ticket match with the ones picked, the higher is the winning. After Sunday’s ball is drawn (aka red Yotta ball), all the winnings from each of your tickets are collected and deposited into your Yotta account. You can then withdraw it to your linked bank account or leave it there until you need it. The chances of someone winning $10 million jackpot is very slim but people regularly win $10, $15 and $300 every week from what I have observed. Not bad. If you have 1000 tickets to play with, then even the smaller amounts add up.

When I looked at the leaderboard for past week, I can see a few people have won $300, and many have won $10-$15 amounts. The app may not show all the winners because users can also choose to hide their identities in settings page.

Yotta Savings winning proof

If you see “Won” on your ticket with a dollar value next to it, that is how much money you have won so far that week for that individual ticket. If a ticket does not have “Won” on it, it means it hasn’t yet won any prizes that week. “Match 3/4/5/6” tells you how much you will win if that ticket matches 3, 4, 5, or 6 regular balls. If you’ve matched 3 balls for example, the app will tell you how much you can win if you match 4. If you’ve matched 4, it will tell you what you will win if you match 5. “Match Yotta” tells you how much that ticket would win if you matched no more numbers the rest of the week, but you match the YottaBall. The YottaBall (red ball) is a special number drawn on Sundays and can multiply your winnings!

How To Sign Up And Get Referral Bonus?

The app is available on the app store for free. You’ll get free 100 tickets as signup bonus if you sign up using my invite code ANIK1. The 100 tickets will appear in next week’s game. To get the 100 tickets, you have to verify your email, link a bank account to Yotta and make your first deposit of any amount. You can deposit amounts in multiples of $25. So if you deposit $25, you’ll get 101 tickets (1 for the $25 deposit, 100 from my invite code). You can withdraw the $25 back in your bank account if you don’t want to save money with Yotta account. The referral bonus of 100 tickets will apply in following week’s game. If you keep the $25 in there, you can keep playing the lottery with free tickets every week!

Yotta Saving referral code for extra 100 tickets

Yotta Savings Promo Code – Yotta Referral Code

Yotta Savings has a referral code that new users can use to get 100 bonus tickets. If you use my Yotta referral code ANIK1, both you and I will receive 100 bonus tickets in the following week’s lottery. It is that simple. There is no “promo code” because the product is completely free to use and there are no fees to transfer money into or out of Yotta. I have seen a few coupon websites even advertising “$10 off promo code” for Yotta which is hilarious. $10 off of what? I am not sure who proofreads the content for those websites. ๐Ÿ˜€

Best Time To Sign Up On Yotta Savings

Everyday is best day to sign up on Yotta, however to take full advantage of the week’s ongoing game, it is better to sign up by Monday afternoon because the first of the seven numbers is drawn on Monday at 6pm PST. If you join after Monday’s ball is drawn, your total balls per ticket is 6 instead of 7. You cannot pick the number that was already drawn. With 6 total balls, you can still win everything except the $10 million. But it will be a little difficult. That said, sign up whenever you have time because winning something in current week is still better than waiting until next Monday to sign up and start at the beginning of a game. Remember, the tickets do not reduce in number or expire.
You get fresh set of tickets every Sunday evening — 1 ticket for every $25 balance you maintain. For instance, $500 deposited = 20 tickets, plus 100 more tickets if you use my invite code ANIK1 during sign up. The 100 referral tickets are awarded after you make your first deposit of any amount. That means 120 tickets for the week if you maintain the $500 balance in the Yotta savings account.

Things I like about Yotta Savings

  • The winnings, monthly savings bonus, or the principal amount — or all of it — can be withdrawn anytime and there is zero fees. No fees to transfer money in or transfer money out. The only limit is that there can only be 6 outgoing transfers per calendar month (just like any other savings account).
  • The app is beautiful, minimal and simple to use. New users also get on-screen instructions on each page. It’s really easy to use overall.
  • I like the moment of surprise everyday when I get the notification at 6pm PST to check my winnings.
  • You can choose the numbers on the ticket yourself, or let the app auto-pick them. If you forget to pick numbers before the deadline, the app auto-picks and gets you in the game!
  • The tickets are forever, not just for one week. So if you hold $25 in Yotta savings account, you get 1 ticket every week forever. The signup bonus tickets are good for 1 week only but the tickets you get by holding money in the savings account are forever.

I hope you found everything you were looking to learn about Yotta Savings. Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions. Cheers!

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