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Amazon Prime Referral. Redeem Offer. Sign up for free 6 Months Of Prime 2-day shipping and a complimentary $10 Amazon Gift Card. (For students, click redeem offer button to activate.)

If you’re NOT A Student, Use This Link to Sign Up For Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives customers access to streaming video, music, e-books, free shipping and a variety of other Amazon-specific services and deals. Amazon Prime is a no-brainer for those heavily invested in the Amazon. This offer gives you 180-days free access to Amazon Prime free two-day shipping plus a $10 Amazon Gift card.

Amazon Prime Referral Student bonus

Amazon Prime Referral — aka Amazon Prime Refer A Friend Program

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to Free 2-days shipping of Amazon Prime. After that you can refer your friends and families with your unique referral link and once they sign up, both they and you will receive $10 Gift Cards each, and they will also receive 6 months of Free Amazon Prime 2-days shipping. This offer is suitable for those who are mostly dependent on Amazon for their online shopping needs. After the free 6 months, you can log into your account and unsubscribe from the offer without being charged. If they charge you, simply contact the customer support and they will unsubscribe you from Prime and refund back the charged amount. Happy shopping!

College students have additional benefits! Amazon Prime is FREE for 6 months, a $10 bonus upon signup AND 50% Off Prime membership for entire college life.

Amazon Prime Referral

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