Saal Digital Review: Awesome wall decor printing service!



I was on the lookout for wall paintings recently and stumbled upon Saal Digital. Because I was so impressed by their service, I decided to write a review so other people on the internet can also find out more about their awesome services.

saal digital products

It is a digital decor printing service where you can print photo books, photos, cards and posters or fine art wall decorations. I wanted to hang a large sized print on my living room wall so I chose to print a photo canvas from my last year’s Yellowstone road trip on a Alu-Dibond, which has a fine textured metallic aluminum composition. It looks really good on the wall, especially with a light source pointing at it. Saal also has other options for wall decors like metal print, photo canvas, acrylic glass, gallery print, PVC foam board, brushed metal print and more.

saal digital review

There are 2 ways to design your print in digital format – either directly on their website or via their Saal Design software. I wanted to test their software so I placed my order through it. It is almost like Photoshop which is geared towards making it really easy to design flex posters and photo books. Once you complete the design and payment, the system takes care of the rest. The decor goes into print production and they also have a transparent way to track each orders directly on their website. Once the product is shipped, they also give you Fedex tracking information. The delivery was instant and only took about 2 days.

wall decor saal digital

Overall, I felt Saal Digital really delivered on their promise. The print is as much perfect as I had imagined. My friends love it! The decor will be on my wall for many many years. I was provided a digital voucher discount which subsidized my total cost of the print. This review contains my honest opinions of the service I received and is not influenced by Saal whatsoever. I would highly recommend Saal and their products to any prospective customers looking to decorate their living spaces.

Opencare Review: Visit A Dentist, Get $50 Gift Card Reward



Opencare is like AirBnB for dental checkups. It is very simple to use. Sign up with your details. Look for in-network dental clinics which are covered by your insurance. Book an appointment and visit the dentist. Upload receipt on Opencare’s website. Receive $50 gift card! The gift card can be either a VISA gift card or one of your own choice. This is my short review of Opencare. I got $50 Visa gift card for visiting a dentist. You will also get $50 when you use my referral link and visit a dentist.

To get $50 Giftcard, you may use my referral link and sign up on Opencare.
Remember that you have to upload the receipt of your first visit on Opencare to get the giftcard.

In the past, the welcome offers have ranged from free Google Home and Home mini to even free electric toothbrushes. Right now they are giving $50 worth of giftcard and you get to pick which giftcard you want.

opencare referral giftcard

Locations Eligible For The GiftCard Offer

Opencare has not rolled out countrywide. So far the offer for referral giftcard is available in select cities in the USA and Canada. The list of places eligible for referral bonus are:

San Francisco
San Jose
San Diego
Washington DC

Is Opencare legit?

Yes! Opencare is completely legit. It is a startup and they are expanding to more cities. Keep an eye out for more offers. Sometimes they advertise free motorized tooth brushes for new dentist visitors!

opencare review

Their website lets you look up and book dentist easily. Every dental clinic as well as dentist have a profile rated by fellow users. The best part is that the website will give you an upfront estimate cost of your treatment plan.

Opencare also lets you upload your insurance details and it does the deductible math on your behalf. The estimated out-of-pocket expense is presented to the patients before they show up for treatment — which is super convenient. Furthermore, some dental clinics provide their own dentist gift cards to encourage visits from customers. You can look up reviews left by others and decide which dental clinic is the best in your area. With all dentists being so vetted, you can never go wrong.

I hope you liked my Opencare review. If you have questions or concerns, please drop them in the comments section below.

I used TransferWise and It’s Better than Paypal and Payoneer!



I’ve used TransferWise for money transfer and receiving international freelance payments in my borderless account. This is my honest TransferWise review and why I think it is a much better alternative to Payoneer, Paypal, traditional bank wires or exchange kiosks.

If you are here for the reward offer, sign up using this link and you’ll get free international transfer of up to £500.


My Personal TransferWise Review

As a freelancer based outside of US, it is always a headache to receive payments from the websites I work for. So far I had been using Payoneer and Paypal to make do. But those methods would cost me almost 15% in transaction and withdrawl fees alone. If I made $100, when that payment was deposited into my Payoneer account it would become $98 ($2 deposit fee). Then each time I used the Payoneer Mastercard debit card, I lost around $3 to Payoneer and another $5 to the local ATM machine as transaction and withdrawl fees. Also just to keep the Payoneer account active, they charged $29/year. All in all of that $100, I would end up only getting about $85. Paypal was no better. I didn’t have other options until last month when I heard about TransferWise.

I signed up immediately and went through their verification process. When I received $133.16 from my freelance work, I was glad that there was no fee! I received the amount in full. (Payoneer would have deducted $2.7) Then as a test, I transferred $100 to my local bank account in my country. I received $98 out of that $100. In total I only paid $2.7 total fees, compared to $15 fees on Payoneer. I am going to stick with TransferWise for sure.

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American Express Blue Cash Everyday Referral: $200 signup bonus!



Are you looking for a credit card? I have been using American Express Blue Cash Everyday credit card for few months now and this is my review of the card.

To get the $200 referral bonus, use my referral link to signup for Amex Blue Cash Everyday credit card.

Without the referral you will only get $150 bonus. With referral, the bonus is $200 for you.

Who is American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card for?

As the name suggests, Blue Cash Everyday is an everyday use cash back credit card. Just like any Visa credit cards, it can be used to purchase anything anywhere. Hence a Blue Cash Everyday card is for just about anybody. But with credit cards, it is always good to have 2 or 3 cards (of different types) in the wallet and use each based on the rewards they can collect off of the purchase. I carry 3 credit cards and Amex BC everyday is one of them.

american express blue cash everyday

For instance, some cards give 3% cash back on grocery but they might only give 1% cash back on other items. In such cases, it is wiser to use the card that has higher rewards like cash back depending on the category of the purchase. No single credit card gives all the benefits (while still being free of annual fees), otherwise all of us would be using just that. Blue Cash Everyday card has no annual fee and has decent benefits.

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Codementor Review: Platform to Earn Money by Freelance Programming



What is Codementor?

Codementor is an online freelancing platform, similar to Upwork or Freelancer. However, the Codementor community is much more refined than the other two platforms. The people that apply to be a mentor on the platform need to fill an extensive profile that will be vetted by Codementor staff to determine if they qualify. In turn, the quality of postings and a steady stream of various opportunities makes Codementor the perfect platform to put your knowledge to use and make some solid side income.

Codementor payout proof

As a beginner, I began by charging at $15 for 15 minutes, and I have slowly increased that price. Within this review, I’ll review the onboarding process for getting started as a mentor on Codementor, the tooling they provide to handle sessions, and payouts via the platform.

Signing up on Codementor

Codementor is a lot like filling out your Linkedin profile. The process begins by asking your area of expertise and rating yourself on your skills. They encourage you to link social profiles such as Github and Stackoverflow to verify your legitimacy and skill level.

Codementor expertise

This application is a lot of work. I would highly recommed someone to put a lot of detail and effort. I would estimate about half of the people who want to become a mentor are filtered out here. You’ll have to put some effort into it. Here is an example of a good profile. If you have any blog posts, it’s also a good idea to submit them. It further validates your interest and skillset. I pasted a couple of my older project posts onto the platform.

After you submit your application, you will have to wait. For me, it took about 3 days to get approved and hear back. Some of my peers did not hear back at all. Don’t fret, you can always go back and keep fixing your application.

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Zipcar Review: All You Need To Know About Zipcar (plus free $25 signup credit)



This is my review of Zipcar where I will answer all the questions I myself had before I signed up for a Zipcar membership so you won’t have to wander. In my opinion, Zipcar is the best car rental service if you need a car to run quick errands and to haul stuffs from A to B, or go on short trips within 180 miles. Here’s why.

For free $25 Zipcar credits, sign up using my referral link.

The referral credit can be spent on your Zipcar rides, even the first ride! When you sign up using that referral link, both you and I will receive $25 Zipcar credits each.

zipcar referral credit

What Makes Zipcar Different?

There are so many unique aspects to Zipcar that its competitors seem to miss. For instance, a Zipcar can be picked up and delivered at any time of the day 24 hrs 7 days of week. Compare that freedom to Enterprise, where you have to deposit their cars during their business hours. Zipcar is also significantly cheaper than its competitors if you rent for few hours, since most cars go for $8/hr AND it includes insurance + gas. If you rent for entire day, or multiple days – then all car rental services cost approximately the same.

all about zipcar

Besides, Zipcar has a cool factor which I found out when I drove one. All their cars have a nickname. 🙂 I have rented several times and they have all been clean, well-maintained, non-abused vehicles with <2000 miles on them. The cars come in different shapes and sizes, can be parked for free in the city in parking spots owned by the company. If there are Zipcars close to you, it is very convenient to use. Makes life so much easier. Also if you are a college student, they even waive the application fee. There is no application fee for students PLUS the yearly membership cost is only $15!

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Dosh App Review & Referral Link (for $15 signup bonus)



No wonder Dosh App is #1 on the app store right now. Sign up using my referral link and get $5 for free.

I have been using Dosh app for a while now. I really like the concept of Dosh because it does not require conscious effort, finds deals & discounts for me, and gives me cash back on my everyday purchases.

Dosh app

What is Dosh App?

Do$h is a smartphone app which gives you cash back rewards on your purchases. The best part that distinguishes Dosh from other rivals is that once you link your credit cards or debit cards in the app, all the purchases you make with those cards will earn you cash WITHOUT having to manually scan receipts ever. The ease of use is there. The user interface is sleek. It is easy to use and gradually earn some passive beer money (money that comes and goes).

This is what their website says: “Dosh puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike using breakthrough technology to eliminate the wasted spend from advertising and most transactions. Dosh searches for cash and chases it down – relentlessly searching out offers to give cash back to users. No cutting coupons, no scanning receipts, no searching for offers. Dosh users simply spend as they normally would and watch the cash pile up.”

Dosh provides shopping rewards just like the Honey browser extension does. But Dosh also gets its users deals on hotel booking and car rentals while still giving substantial cash back to travelers. It puts the typical profit that hotels and online travel sites make back in the pockets of Dosh users. It is a mashup of Groupon with cash back feature. I can see it becoming very popular and mainstream in the future.

How to earn money from Dosh App?

All you really need to do is link your credit/debit cards and you are automatically earning cash back from purchases.

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How To Get Free Magazine Subscriptions (Lifehack Tutorial)



TL;DR Here’s how to get free magazine subscriptions like Time, Wired, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Esquire, People, etc. I’ve been doing it for years. You should too!

Hey guys, it has been a long time and I haven’t written anything for this blog in months. So to make up for that, I came up with this idea to teach you how to score free subscriptions to really popular magazines like Time, Wired, Forbes and more! Make sure you read this post and let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions.

How I Get Free Magazine Subscriptions

About an year ago a friend of mine showed me really expensive magazines. Some of them costed beyond $200 per year in subscriptions. I was curious why he would buy all of that. He told me he did not buy them; he got them for free by filling out online surveys using his least used (or dummy) email address. One day we sat down and he made me sign up on a few websites which let me take quick 2 minutes multiple choice surveys. In exchange, they gave me credits which could be redeemed for magazine subscriptions.

get free magazine subscriptions

Best Part: Anyone Can Do It

The coolest part about this lifehack is that anyone can do it as long as they have a US mailing address, a phone number (use smartphone app called TextNow to get a dummy number), a dummy email address, and a one-time 30 minutes of free time.

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Cricket Wireless Review: All You Need To Know About It


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This is my detailed review of Cricket Wireless. I have used their service for 2 months now and have traveled the West coast, North East and some places in between. So far I am really satisfied with the cellular coverage, 4g LTE data speeds, affordable plans and various perks of Cricket. In this blog post, I’ve tried to share my experiences in case you want to learn about Cricket Wireless!

Update: All the old referral links have expired. If you want the free $25 credit offer, use this link to sign up on Cricket!

What’s awesome about Cricket Wireless

Great Network Coverage

Cricket WirelessCricket Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T; they both use the same cellular infrastructure which is why Cricket is able to provide much better coverage compared to other competitors. As mentioned above, I have been to the Bay area, Chicago, IL and few places urban and rural in Ohio — I have had cellular service throughout. The data speeds varied but I got enough bandwidth for streaming songs on Spotify, casual browsing, emails and iPhone app updates. I’ve included some screenshots below. Cricket caps the data speed to 8Mbps downstream however 8Mbps is more than sufficient for using internet. Also one would never try to stream full movies on cellular data unless they are on the unlimited plan.

Cricket Rewards – Benefits For Loyality

Cricket Rewards signup code

Cricket Wireless also has an app called “Cricket Rewards” where you collect points for participating in small in-app activities. These are completely optional. Customers can use the points to redeem gift cards to more than 50 stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc and even Cricket Wireless refill cards.

New Cricket customers who sign up for Cricket Rewards using someone’s referral code get 50,000 points for free, which can be used to redeem $25 Cricket refill card or other gift cards. All the earning/redeeming points is done through the Cricket Rewards app.

If you’re looking for a referral code, use mine.

Cricket Group Save – Up To $100 OFF

Group Save is essentially family plan at Cricket, but you don’t necessarily need family members. You can create groups with friends or even with random strangers on the internet! 🙂 (Check out /r/CricketGroups if you want to create groups with redittors)

The coolest thing is that with group savings, 2.5 GB 4g LTE + Unlimited talk/text costs only $20/mo! I don’t think there are other carriers that can manage to provide comparable service at such an affordable price.

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UberEats – Sign Up and Get $10 Discount On Your Order


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UberEats is an instant food delivery service from Uber. If you have never used it yet, sign up and apply UberEats coupon code “eats-UberKFC” to get $10 OFF on your order.

What is UberEats?

UberEats CouponA food delivery service from parent company Uber, UberEats app can be downloaded from the app store or the play store. Once logged in, you can look for local restaurants in your city. All the restaurants that have signed up to deliver with UberEats will be available. After you select where you want to order food from, it is time to select FOOD!

Just as you’d look at an online menu, users can select individual food items and add them to cart. UberEats allows you to add special instructions/comment to each item in your cart. If you’d need additional spoons, forks, napkins, etc … comment section is where to request. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and check out. There is no need to tip because all fees including tip and delivery is included in the final amount. After you check out and pay through the app, you will receive notification that your order has been received by the restaurant.

Once the restaurant gets the order, they being preparing the food. This can be seen in realtime by the user through the UberEats app as well as the UberEats website. The coolest part in my opinion is the delivery where you can track your food on the map moving towards your delivery location, just as you’d see Uber cars whenever you request one.

UberEats OrderingUberEats is similar to other food delivery apps like GrubHub, Caviar and PostMates. The only difference is that UberEats is a service by Uber. When you order using other apps, the person who delivers car able to choose their own mode of transport, which could be a bike. With UberEats, you can be assured that it is the same Uber cars that are doing the delivery. In most places, this will be faster and dependable.

Especially when you want to get food from restaurant that’s far far away. Also the delivery fee is $5 flat in UberEats. In other apps, it varies. On some services like GrubHub, you have to pay tip to the person who delivers, when you receive your food. With UberEats, you don’t need to pay tip becaue everything is affordabily included in the final price and is paid online when you order. This is a good user experience because the customer doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash. As soon as the food is delivered, all they should care about is its taste.

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