Zipcar Review: All You Need To Know About Zipcar (plus free $25 signup credit)



This is my review of Zipcar where I will answer all the questions I myself had before I signed up for a Zipcar membership so you won’t have to wander. In my opinion, Zipcar is the best car rental service if you need a car to run quick errands and to haul stuffs from A to B, or go on short trips within 180 miles. Here’s why.

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The referral credit can be spent on your Zipcar rides, even the first ride! When you sign up using that referral code, both you and I will receive $25 Zipcar credits each.

zipcar referral credit

What Makes Zipcar Different?

There are so many unique aspects to Zipcar that its competitors seem to miss. For instance, a Zipcar can be picked up and delivered at any time of the day 24 hrs 7 days of week. Compare that freedom to Enterprise, where you have to deposit their cars during their business hours. Zipcar is also significantly cheaper than its competitors if you rent for few hours, since most cars go for $8/hr AND it includes insurance + gas. If you rent for entire day, or multiple days – then all car rental services cost approximately the same.

all about zipcar

Besides, Zipcar has a cool factor which I found out when I drove one. All their cars have a nickname. 🙂 I have rented several times and they have all been clean, well-maintained, non-abused vehicles with <2000 miles on them. The cars come in different shapes and sizes, can be parked for free in the city in parking spots owned by the company. If there are Zipcars close to you, it is very convenient to use. Makes life so much easier. Also if you are a college student, they even waive the application fee. There is no application fee for students PLUS the yearly membership cost is only $15!

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Opencare Review: Visit A Dentist, Get $100 Gift Card Reward


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Opencare is like AirBnB for dental checkups. It is very simple to use. Sign up with your details. Look for in-network dental clinics which are covered by your insurance. Book an appointment and visit the dentist. Upload receipt on Opencare’s website. Receive $100 gift card! The gift card can be either a VISA gift card or one of your own choice. This is my short review of Opencare. I got $100 Visa gift card for visiting a dentist. You will also get $100 when you use my referral link and visit a dentist.
UPDATE – Opencare may give $125, $100 or $75 giftcard instead of usual $50. That depends on the city you are in.

To get Opencare Visa Giftcard offer, use my referral link and sign up on Opencare.
Remember to upload the receipt of your first dentist visit on Opencare to get the giftcard.

In the past, the welcome offers have ranged from free Google Home and Home mini to even free electric toothbrushes. Right now they are giving $100 worth of giftcard and you get to pick which giftcard you want.

opencare referral giftcard

Locations Eligible For The GiftCard Offer

Opencare has not rolled out countrywide. So far the offer for referral giftcard is available in select cities in the USA and Canada. The list of places eligible for referral bonus are:

San Francisco
New York City
San Jose
San Diego
Washington DC

Is Opencare legit?

Yes! Opencare is completely legit. It is a startup and they are expanding to more cities. Keep an eye out for more offers. Sometimes they advertise free motorized tooth brushes for new dentist visitors!

opencare review

Their website lets you look up and book dentist easily. Every dental clinic as well as dentist have a profile rated by fellow users. The best part is that the website will give you an upfront estimate cost of your treatment plan.

Opencare also lets you upload your insurance details and it does the deductible math on your behalf. The estimated out-of-pocket expense is presented to the patients before they show up for treatment — which is super convenient. Furthermore, some dental clinics provide their own dentist gift cards to encourage visits from customers. You can look up reviews left by others and decide which dental clinic is the best in your area. With all dentists being so vetted, you can never go wrong.

I hope you liked my Opencare review. If you have questions or concerns, please drop them in the comments section below.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Referral: $200 signup bonus!



Are you looking for a credit card? I have been using American Express Blue Cash Everyday credit card for few months now and this is my review of the card.

To get the $200 referral bonus, use my referral link to signup for Amex Blue Cash Everyday credit card.

Without the referral you will only get $150 bonus. With referral, the bonus is $200 for you.

Who is American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card for?

As the name suggests, Blue Cash Everyday is an everyday use cash back credit card. Just like any Visa credit cards, it can be used to purchase anything anywhere. Hence a Blue Cash Everyday card is for just about anybody. But with credit cards, it is always good to have 2 or 3 cards (of different types) in the wallet and use each based on the rewards they can collect off of the purchase. I carry 3 credit cards and Amex BC everyday is one of them.

american express blue cash everyday

For instance, some cards give 3% cash back on grocery but they might only give 1% cash back on other items. In such cases, it is wiser to use the card that has higher rewards like cash back depending on the category of the purchase. No single credit card gives all the benefits (while still being free of annual fees), otherwise all of us would be using just that. Blue Cash Everyday card has no annual fee and has decent benefits.

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Honey Review: Browser Extension That Earns You Money!



honey reviewAvailable at, Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds you money saving coupons, AND also earns you cash back on online purchases! Paypal recently acquired Honey for $4B. I feel delighted to have been advocating for this app for the past 4 years. It truly is a gem on the internet. In this “Join Honey review”, I’ll show you how awesome this browser extension is – and how you can get started in seconds.

Click here to join Honey. (It’s free) Start saving money & earning gift cards within 60 seconds.

Honey App Review – Automated, Seamless Cash Back Earnings

There are numerous ways to save money. One of them is by using coupons, of course. Unfortunately not all stores have coupons that you can find online. But did you know that every time you shop online – regardless of if you use coupons or not – you could be earning free cash backs!

What Is Honey Cashback?

honey review cashback browser extensionCash back is the amount of money that you get back when you shop at a store. It is usually fixed in percentage. For example, a store might offer 10% in cash back. It means that if you buy a $200 appliance, you will get $20 back which can either be a voucher that can only be used at that store in future, or it may as well be cold hard cash.

Honey app calls this Honey cashback offers “cash bonus” — they are the same. 🙂

Whenever you purchase at qualifying stores (which they have plenty), you will get cash bonus.

All About Honey – and how is it helpful?

Honey is a browser extension and because you almost always use a browser to shop online, this extension saves you money every time you check-out online. It has two main functions.

  1. Automatic Coupons Insertion

When you are at the checkout page of any qualifying store, in this case GoDaddy, click on the highlighted Honey icon on top right of your browser. Click on Try Codes and Honey app will automatically insert and check each coupon code to find you maximum savings. Proceed to check out, and enjoy both the coupon discount and cash bonus.

  1. Cash Back Rewards Program (also automatic)

Regardless of whether you applied coupons or not, you can enroll in the cash bonus (cash back) rewards program.

honey review cash back rewards browser extension

As you see, Honey browser extension sits there on your browser and saves your money without even you having to hustle.

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Yotta Savings Review: All You Need To Know (plus free 100 tickets)



This is my review of Yotta Savings app after having used it for a month. I have tried to go in as much detail as possible to answer the questions I had when I first joined Yotta Savings. If you have any confusion or questions, feel free to reach out to me via the comment section below and I will get back to you.

Get free 100 tickets worth $2500 when you sign up using my referral code ANIK1 and make your first deposit. (It’s free)

Yotta savings referral code ANIK1

What is Yotta Savings?

Yotta Savings is a FDIC insured savings account that partners with banks that don’t have bloated marketing budgets and real estate expenses. That allows them to provide 15-100 times more value on savings compared to Wells Fargo or Chase.
Here’s what’s different: for every $25 held in Yotta Savings account, you get 1 lottery ticket every week. A lottery ticket has 7 numbers. Everyday at 6pm PST (9pm EST), one random number is drawn. At the end of the week you win prize money depending on how many numbers on your ticket matched with the numbers that were drawn. For instance, 5 numbers matched = $800 prize. 7 numbers matched = $10 million prize. The prize ranges from $0.10 to $10 million, per ticket. After the week ends, you again get 1 ticket for every $25 in your account to play the new week’s game. For instance, holding $500 in Yotta Savings account will give you 20 lottery tickets every week. If you sign up using my invite code ANIK1, you also get 100 bonus tickets for free.

Their app is available on IOS and Android app stores and anyone with a US bank account can use it for free. There is zero fees involved. No fee to transfer money into or out of Yotta. Just like a regular savings account, you can make up to 6 withdrawals per month. Withdrawals take 2-3 days to process back to your connected account. The lottery prizes are deposited into the account immediately after each week’s game ends on Sundays. The monthly savings bonus is deposited at the end of every month.



In their own words by the Yotta team,
Every $25 you save into our FDIC insured savings account earns you a recurring ticket to win prizes up to $10m through weekly random number drawings.
Pick 7 numbers for each of your tickets, or have them auto-selected for you.
A random number is drawn every night at 9pm ET, with the 7th and final number drawn on Sunday night.
The more numbers you match, the more you win. Match all 7 and you win the $10 million jackpot.
No matter what, you still get paid over 2x the national average on all your savings.
You can withdraw your money at any time and your money is fully FDIC insured, so there’s no risk.
Users don’t pay any fees whatsoever. Yotta gets paid by the bank.

Is Yotta Savings Legit? Yotta Savings Reviews

This is my earning screenshot from this weekYotta Savings is legit. It was featured on Product Hunt (backed by silicon valley’s Y Combinator). Take a look at this post for reference:

Personally I have been using Yotta for over a month now. Although I have not won $10 million yet (:D), I have won some small amounts and also received the monthly savings bonus. I am able to withdraw the amount to my linked bank account whenever I want. From experience I can vouch for Yotta that the app is real. It is definitely wise to keep your emergency savings in Yotta as compared to larger banks that don’t pay any real interest. Yotta pays interest (monthly savings bonus) and it also gives rewards (lottery winnings).

This week, one of my tickets has matched 4 numbers so I won $15 from it. And another 5 of my tickets matched 3 numbers each — $0.4 x 5 = $2. My total winnings this week = $17. The Yotta ball (red ball) is being drawn tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Check the screenshot attached 🙂

I’d like to add that their app is nice too. Simple and straightforward, you will learn how Yotta Savings works in less than 5 minutes. People have rated them strongly on the app store.

Yotta Savings app store

Winning Prizes on Yotta Savings App

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SiteGround Review: Why I Love SiteGround Web Hosting



This is my review of SiteGround and its web hosting service after I have been their customer for almost 4 years now. I will highlight the differences between SiteGround and other popular alternatives like BlueHost, HostGator, iPage….. and it will soon be clear how SiteGround beats all the other standard web hosting companies.

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The word “standard” is important because it is unfair to really compare SiteGround (and BlueHost, DreamHost, HostGator, iPage, etc) with the expensive and premium services like LiquidWeb, Flywheel, MediaTemple, Pagely, WPEngine, etc. If you are hosting a site that gets 1+ million visitors per month, definitely get a managed dedicated hosting with one of these premium hosts. But if there’s no killer traffic, say below 100,000 visitors/mo, or if you are just starting out a website/blog — then SiteGround is a great option. Here’s why:

SiteGround’s Affordable Pricing – Pay Less, Do More

SiteGround has 3 distinct plans – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. GrowBig and GoGeek can be assumed as “premium shared hosting” because of the additional perks that they offer. If your website needs more resources, SiteGround also provides Cloud hosting, managed Dedicated Servers and then Reseller hosting.

Siteground review shared hosting plans

Siteground all essential featuresStartUp plan only allows 1 website per account and is suitable for ~10,000 monthly visits. For clarity, 1 visit equals access from 1 IP address over 24 hrs time. If the same visitor accesses your website 20 times in the same day, that counts as 1 visit. If you are just starting out, with just 1 website, StartUp plan is a good choice.

It comes with 1 free domain, unlimited traffic, free SSL & HTTP/2, unlimited MySQL DB, SSD Storage, Email, CloudFlare CDN, Free daily backup, etc.

Siteground premium featuresGrowBig plan is my personal favorite and the one that I am using right now! It allows hosting of multiple websites, and is suitable for ~25,000 combined monthly visits. However, if you use the CloudFlare option (included free), the limit is probably 100,000 visits/mo. CloudFlare caches the website’s data, reduces calls to the web server and also speeds up the website load time.

This plan comes equipped with SiteGround’s SuperCacher software-hardware custom feature that boosts speed and handles simultaneous website requests in spectacular ways! The SuperCacher is the reason why I chose to use SiteGround and have been pleased with the performance gain ever since.

Siteground advanced featuresGoGeek plan is what I might use when my website grows out of proportion. It is suitable for viral websites and resource hogging web-applications. It has every feature of the GrowBig plan, PLUS the Geeky advanced features (see the image attached). I would still recommend the GrowBig plan over GoGeek if your websites do not need these extra features. Why pay for extra when you can get the best out of the more affordable plan?

I have hosted many WordPress websites on Siteground. Their custom SuperCacher plugin is not just a WordPress caching plugin. The SuperCacher provides 3 levels of caching: Static Cache, Dynamic Cache and MemCache.

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Rebatest Review: Get free Amazon products in exchange for reviews



Rebatest provides you thousands of household items on Amazon for free in exchange for product review. This is my walkthrough guide and review of Rebatest. You’ll be able to make the most of Rebatest once you read through this short blog post.

Sign up on Rebatest today and start getting free products in exchange for reviews!

Freebies in exchange for user reviews

Internet is full of website and platforms where small businesses provide discounts in exchange for user feedback. Sometimes the discount is minimal, or are limited time coupons. Sometimes the products are totally free. Sellers do it primarily to test the market and to gather honest user feedback. Feedback is the key to improving the products they are planning to launch.

What is Rebatest? Is it legit? Yes, it is.

Rebatest is a fairly recent Amazon products testing website which gives you products to review for free. Please note that you won’t be making extra money on Rebatest — you will however get products for free. Rebatest

The way in which this site is different compared to various others is that here, you apply to test the product. When that application is approved (usually it gets auto-approved), the cash balance is credited to your Rebatest account. You then buy the product on Amazon as usual. When you provide the Amazon order number and upload purchase receipt on Rebatest, the cash balance there is unlocked to be refunded to your Paypal account. The process is simple.

I have gone through the whole process and I confirm that Rebatest is a legit platform. I actually like the products they have there compared to several competitors who are also in the same business.

Getting started. How to get products for free on Amazon?

First, you have to sign up on Rebatest.

Second, pick a product you like and click on “apply now”. You can filter products based on category, price range and time when they were posted on the site.
Rebatest shopping

Once you are approved by the system, you can buy the product on Amazon. You have 4 hours to buy the product and upload the order number on Rebatest otherwise the item is released from your queue for other users to apply. After you buy the product on Amazon, paste the order number on Rebatest for the seller to verify. This usually takes a day. Once the order is verified, the amount spent on buying the item will be added to your rebatest account. Wait for the shipment to arrive from Amazon. Submit your review of the product on Amazon and post the same (or similar) review on Rebatest. Once you do these things, the amount is then unlocked for cashing out through Paypal. There is no minimum threshold for cash out — you can cash out anytime you want.

Rebatest review products

New members are limited to reviewing products on the front page. Once you complete your first review, you become a VIP member. VIP members can review exclusive products — those with “featured” tags on them. VIP products are usually expensive and fancy (> $30, which is refunded of course).

Rebatest VIP products

Rebatest has done interesting thing with the “required points” system. Points are earned by doing usual activities on the site. For instance when you sign up and link Paypal and verify email, you end up with almost 2500 points. I like the points system because this is key to stopping users from abusing the system. It also incentivizes you to use the site the way it is designed to.

How to rack up reward points on Rebatest?

Rewards points can currently be earned for the following actions and these points are added to your Points Balance:

  • Registering on the site — the first time when you register on this site you will be able to earn 1000 reward points.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter — earn 300 points when you subscribe Rebatest newsletter for the first time.
  • Update username for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add your phone number for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add Amazon profile link for the first time to earn 500 reward points. (only 3 times modification)
  • Daily sign in on the web — everyday when you login this website for the first time you will get 10 reward points.
  • Share on social media — earn 10 reward points for sharing a product on social media platform.
  • Refer a friend to register — earn 10 points for every invitation you send out which leads to friend registration.
  • Converting invitations to order — earn 500 points for every invitation you send out which leads to an order.
  • Leaving a fair review on amazon – earn 200 points for every review you left on Amazon.

Getting the refund from Rebatest

Rebatest paypal payment proof

There is a 4.4% transaction fee by Paypal plus 30 cents per transaction. Hence in this case for the 2 products I purchased and reviewed which were worth $23, I got $21 back in my Paypal. Since this is an international transfer, Paypal also charges small fee on the receiving side. All things considered, in the end I got $20 refunded to my Paypal account.

Payment Proof on Paypal

The payment was processed within 12 hours in my case. It was sent by Suteng Technology which seems to own Rebatest.

Rebatest Paypal payment proofHere’s my activity on the site so that you can understand how the reimbursement works for Amazon products.

Products reviewed – 2
Amount spent to buy the products – $23
Amount refunded in Paypal – $20


Rebatest offers me the opportunity to buy Amazon products at 100% discount (I only pay for sales tax and Paypal transfer fee). These are some of the items on Amazon which I would have bought anyway if I had to. The best part is that Rebatest has thousands of items to choose from. Users are free to buy all of them if they choose to. Sane people like me would only really place orders for things they actually need.

In my case, I just placed my third order through Rebatest for a guitar stand and pick. Would I have bought the guitar stand without Rebatest? Most probably yes! Except maybe I would have bought it from a different seller because Amazon likes to show most reviewed items at the top of the page. Because of Rebatest, I chose to buy the guitar stand from a specific seller. And I am getting full refund by the seller on the item just in exchange for my gratitude and an honest Amazon review. In the eCommerce world where some people like to buy all their products online, Rebatest looks like a heavenly platform. You pick the item you want, get full refund for whatever you pay, and leave behind an honest review for fellow shoppers on Amazon. I think that is a great concept!

Sign up on Rebatest today and start getting free products in exchange for reviews!

Update: January 9, 2020
I have tested 17 products thus far. At the time of this writing, 4 more are on the way. I like Rebatest and have already onboarded my close friends on it. Should my thoughts change, I will update this review accordingly.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know what you think of Rebatest in the comment section below!

Saal Digital Review: Awesome wall decor printing service!



I was on the lookout for wall paintings recently and stumbled upon Saal Digital. Because I was so impressed by their service, I decided to write a review so other people on the internet can also find out more about their awesome services.

saal digital products

It is a digital decor printing service where you can print photo books, photos, cards and posters or fine art wall decorations. I wanted to hang a large sized print on my living room wall so I chose to print a photo canvas from my last year’s Yellowstone road trip on a Alu-Dibond, which has a fine textured metallic aluminum composition. It looks really good on the wall, especially with a light source pointing at it. Saal also has other options for wall decors like metal print, photo canvas, acrylic glass, gallery print, PVC foam board, brushed metal print and more.

saal digital review

There are 2 ways to design your print in digital format – either directly on their website or via their Saal Design software. I wanted to test their software so I placed my order through it. It is almost like Photoshop which is geared towards making it really easy to design flex posters and photo books. Once you complete the design and payment, the system takes care of the rest. The decor goes into print production and they also have a transparent way to track each orders directly on their website. Once the product is shipped, they also give you Fedex tracking information. The delivery was instant and only took about 2 days.

wall decor saal digital

Overall, I felt Saal Digital really delivered on their promise. The print is as much perfect as I had imagined. My friends love it! The decor will be on my wall for many many years. I was provided a digital voucher discount which subsidized my total cost of the print. This review contains my honest opinions of the service I received and is not influenced by Saal whatsoever. I would highly recommend Saal and their products to any prospective customers looking to decorate their living spaces.

I used TransferWise and It’s Better than Paypal and Payoneer!



I’ve used TransferWise for money transfer and receiving international freelance payments in my borderless account. This is my honest TransferWise review and why I think it is a much better alternative to Payoneer, Paypal, traditional bank wires or exchange kiosks.

If you are here for the reward offer, sign up using this link and you’ll get free international transfer of up to ÂŁ500.


My Personal TransferWise Review

As a freelancer based outside of US, it is always a headache to receive payments from the websites I work for. So far I had been using Payoneer and Paypal to make do. But those methods would cost me almost 15% in transaction and withdrawl fees alone. If I made $100, when that payment was deposited into my Payoneer account it would become $98 ($2 deposit fee). Then each time I used the Payoneer Mastercard debit card, I lost around $3 to Payoneer and another $5 to the local ATM machine as transaction and withdrawl fees. Also just to keep the Payoneer account active, they charged $29/year. All in all of that $100, I would end up only getting about $85. Paypal was no better. I didn’t have other options until last month when I heard about TransferWise.

I signed up immediately and went through their verification process. When I received $133.16 from my freelance work, I was glad that there was no fee! I received the amount in full. (Payoneer would have deducted $2.7) Then as a test, I transferred $100 to my local bank account in my country. I received $98 out of that $100. In total I only paid $2.7 total fees, compared to $15 fees on Payoneer. I am going to stick with TransferWise for sure.

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Codementor Review: Platform to Earn Money by Freelance Programming



What is Codementor?

Codementor is an online freelancing platform, similar to Upwork or Freelancer. However, the Codementor community is much more refined than the other two platforms. The people that apply to be a mentor on the platform need to fill an extensive profile that will be vetted by Codementor staff to determine if they qualify. In turn, the quality of postings and a steady stream of various opportunities makes Codementor the perfect platform to put your knowledge to use and make some solid side income.

Codementor payout proof

As a beginner, I began by charging at $15 for 15 minutes, and I have slowly increased that price. Within this review, I’ll review the onboarding process for getting started as a mentor on Codementor, the tooling they provide to handle sessions, and payouts via the platform.

Signing up on Codementor

Codementor is a lot like filling out your Linkedin profile. The process begins by asking your area of expertise and rating yourself on your skills. They encourage you to link social profiles such as Github and Stackoverflow to verify your legitimacy and skill level.

Codementor expertise

This application is a lot of work. I would highly recommed someone to put a lot of detail and effort. I would estimate about half of the people who want to become a mentor are filtered out here. You’ll have to put some effort into it. Here is an example of a good profile. If you have any blog posts, it’s also a good idea to submit them. It further validates your interest and skillset. I pasted a couple of my older project posts onto the platform.

After you submit your application, you will have to wait. For me, it took about 3 days to get approved and hear back. Some of my peers did not hear back at all. Don’t fret, you can always go back and keep fixing your application.

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