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Save 50% Apply this Dashlane premium coupon and get 25% OFF on 5 yr subscription. And 17% OFF on 3 yr subscription. 100% verified Dashlane premium coupon.

Keeping track of and accessing all your passwords on all devices at work, at home, or on the go with Dashlane Premium Password Manager!

Dashlane premium coupon

Dashlane Premium Coupon | 25% Off on 5 yr plans | 17% Off on 3 yr plans

We created Dashlane for the two billion people that use the web. Everyone that uses the web today faces some version of the password problem. Many know that their passwords are unsafe, either because they’re trivial to crack or they’re reused on several websites. Many others forget their passwords and stop using services, or shy away from new online services altogether – because remembering passwords and registering for new websites with new passwords is a pain. And these folks are also constantly annoyed by having to type out long strings of meaningless numbers, dates, and codes to conduct a simple act of buying online (or even more painfully, on their mobile device) – an act that is as simple as a swipe in the physical world. We created Dashlane to solve these problems with one neat solution that is simple, secure, and universal. Our users don’t trade security for convenience – they get both. We created Dashlane because we are on a mission to fix the internet.

Securely store your payment types in Dashlane’s online wallet. Get express checkout and flawless form filling everywhere you shop online. Automatically capture receipts of all your purchases. Always have your digital wallet on you, and never have to store your credit cards on sites that you don’t completely trust.

Smart form autofill that works – not some of the time, or even most of the time – every time. Stop wasting time checking if everything filled right, and correcting all the mistakes. Stop leaving your data unencrypted in your browser cache.

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