Discover Credit Card Referral Link: Get $50 for signup, $50 for referral



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Are you a student and looking to apply for a credit card? DISCOVER is the best credit card choice for students. Get $50 when you sign up for a Discover credit card using this referral link. Also, refer your friends and get $50 each, per friend. (They get $50 too)

Why Discover credit card?

Earn 5% cashback bonus in categories like, restaurants, gas stations etc.
1% cash back bonus on all other purchases.
Additionally at the end of your first year, your cash back will be matched. (i.e. if you earn a cash back of $500 for the first year, you will be matched with another $500 at the end of the year)

Discover credit card referral link

Receive $50 while signing up and $50 for each friend you refer. (They get $50 for signing up as well!)

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