ESET Renewal Coupon: 25% OFF On ESET Renewal


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Use this ESET Renewal coupon to renew your Mac and PC’s ESET security license at 25% discount. 25% Off regular price. Redeem offer to claim discount!

ESET Renewal Coupon

25% Savings With ESET Renewal Coupon

ESET Live Grid®, used in all our antivirus products, protects you 24/7 by predicting trouble before it happens. Using our unique® advanced early warning system, ESET LiveGrid collects data submitted by ESET users worldwide and sends it to our malware research labs for analysis. ThreatSense® is the anti-threat engine that powers all ESET products and results in fast reactions to emerging threats. Sample submissions from customers, distributors and partners are an important source of new malware. Other sources of samples include sample exchange or active “honey pots” (computer systems specifically set up to invite attacks and provide info on how systems are attacked and where they are vulnerable). Part of ESET’s online Threat Center, the Threat Encyclopedia features an A-Z guide of selected viruses, spyware, and other threats, sorted alphabetically. Updated frequently, it includes definitions of hundreds of viruses and how they behave.

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