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NameCheap has some amazing monthly promotions you’ll absolutely love. For instance, by using a Namecheap promo code you can easily get heavily discounted plans that are going to save you a lot of money in the long term. However also keep in mind that the promo codes allow you to transfer or register your .biz, .org, .net and your .com for a really great price.

Namecheap promo code

NameCheap is one of the most popular web hosting providers online and given the fact that they are very well known in the business for being a well reputed domain name registrar, you can have the peace of mind that every time when you’re going to deal with them it’s going to be a wonderful experience. So with no further ado, what are some of the things that make NameCheap the go-to place when you need a new domain name or a reliable hosting plan?

Reliability and cPanel
NameCheap has extremely reliable and fast hosting service and with an uptime of 99%, you can easily get an idea of how much work and dedication they put into ensuring customers are happy with their services. In fact, they have more than 10 years of experience in providing high quality hosting services, making them a reliable provider for your webhosting needs. You can also easily use a promo code to get a great discount off your plan, but we’ll focus more on that later.

On top of that, since they employ the standard cPanel, everyone is going to find that using it is a breeze, not to mention the fact that it also has all the features and tools that allow you to manage your website like a true professional.

Experienced Domain Registrar
If you have a lot of domains that need to be properly managed, then you should know that NameCheap initially started out as a domain registrar and then expanded its services. Therefore, they have a great interface that is user friendly and allows you to easily manage your domains.

Integrated Cloudflare
If you want to increase the performance of your website, but at the same time not worry about the fact that this will put a strain on the server, then you definitely need to take advantage of Cloudflare in combination with shared hosting. In fact, since it can be installed with a single click in cPanel, it’s one of the first things you’ll need to consider implementing when a hosting provider tries to persuade you to decrease the CPU load by upgrading to a VPS hosting plan.

Hosting Services: Shared Hosting
NameCheap has some pretty amazing hosting offers in place, so if you’re interested in Shared Hosting, then you’ll be able to take advantage of it with as little as 2.95 dollars a month. This offer is available for both business and home use and comes with an uptime of 99%.

Reseller Hosting
You can now easily host multiple websites or launch your own hosting business by using NameCheap’s reseller hosting. With just 14.95 dollars a month, you can already tell that this is a great deal you cannot miss.

VPS Hosting
If you want to great speed up your hosting plan, then VPS hosting is the way to go. Better yet, you can have the plan tailored to your specific needs and with 16.95 dollars a month, you certainly save big compared to using other hosting companies.

Dedicated Servers and E-mail Hosting
Lastly, dedicated servers can range a lot in terms of software options and hardware and plans start at 99 dollars a month. As for E-mail hosting, pricing starts at 9.88 dollars a year. With this plan you can keep your E-mail data private by using the company’s secure Open Xchange E-mail cloud platform.

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