ServerPoint Coupon: 30% OFF on Web Hosting


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Coupon Details

Use this ServerPoint coupon today and get exclusive 30% Off on ServerPoint Website Hosting! Your fast websites now w/ personal customer service experience.

Why is ServerPoint different?

Our business philosophy: creating services that are fast and reliable while also providing a personal customer service experience.

We do not outsource our infrastructure to a third party. We own, control and have physical access to all our servers and network infrastructure.

Developers, you will feel right at home. We make sure any kind of application runs in our platform fast and trouble free.

We have built a highly integrated software platform that manages our entire infrastructure, from web hosting and email to large clusters of servers.

Most web hosting companies are just resellers of another company or just lease someone else’s infrastructure. We don’t. We own and operate our infrastructure. was founded almost two decades ago and has remained independent ever since, having hosted hundreds of thousands of clients from around the world.

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