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Try Caviar (AKA Caviar – is a startup in the food delivery space. Acquired by Square in 2014, it continues to expand its food delivering services in numerous cities around the United States. In this Try Caviar review, we will explain how it all works. Also, you can get $10 on your Try Caviar order if you choose to use my referral link.

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Since the past couple of months, Try Caviar is doing a promotion under which new customers get $20 worth of free food on their Try Caviar order, from restaurants in their city. In addition to this, customers are also eligible for another one-time free delivery of their order. There is no time limit or expiration per se, however, the promotional offers on Caviar might be removed in the future. If you’d like to order some free (or discounted food) from your favorite restaurants around you, now is the time.

At this moment, there are 17 areas where Try Caviar has its operations.

Try Caviar location

Areas that Try Caviar currently serves.

The company is named Caviar, however the website is

Caviar delivers food from your city restaurants to your doorstep. Check the image above for all the serviceable locations. Once logged in, customers can select restaurants, browse picture menu, customize their meals, and get delivery straight to their homes. No minimums and no compromises. The delivery estimate times are accurate and Caviar gives you real time tracking of your food on a map.

Try Caviar Menu

Delivery time depends upon how far you are from the restaurant you’re ordering from. In the image above, 15 miles translates to 30-50 minutes. 5 miles distance is usually 15 minutes waiting time.

NOTE: Caviar is currently giving away $10 discount on your first order if you use someone’s referral link.

$10 OFF for customers from: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, San Francisco: East Bay, Seattle, Portland, and LA

$10 OFF for customers from: Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Francisco: South Bay

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