Republic Wireless Review: Great service, unbeatable savings!



Following is my Republic Wireless review after having used their service for 11 months. The opinions are unbiased and my own.

My journey with Republic Wireless began with a Moto X that I still use to this day. In the duration, I have saved hundreds in phone bills and converted many of my friends into proud Republic Wireless fans. The reason I chose Republic was to save money. Moto X had just popped in the market and was selling for hot $500+. Republic sold it for $299 – a $200 savings right there. It was an unbeatable deal. Moreover, there’s no contract with Republic Wireless; I could cancel anytime without being charged further. And for a measly $10/month I got unlimited cellular talk & text… Looking back, I know I made a great investment. After eleven months of using Republic Wireless on my Moto X, I have no complaints whatsoever.

A little background on Republic Wireless Review

Republic Wireless ReviewRepublic Wireless is a service provider dedicated to helping consumers save money on their smartphone service. Its hybrid technology capitalizes WiFi as primary network for calls, texts and data. The smartphone utilizes cellular networks of national CDMA carriers (Sprint and Verizon) when outside WiFi zone. When you are in your room or office, it is the internet that transmits calls/text/data. When the WiFi disconnects, the smartphone seamlessly switches back to the cellular network.

But how is Republic Wireless so affordable?

Larger cellular companies (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T) operate their own cellular networks. Their infrastructures require a ton of money – we’re talking billions. That is why even a starter smartphone plan (1GB data & unlimited talk/text) on these larger carriers usually cost $50/month or more. If you are using cellular data regularly on Verizon, call that $100/month.

Thankfully, Republic Wireless has different rules.

Unlike cellular data networks, WiFi delivers data faster and cheaper. Republic Wireless has a system through which calls/texts are primarily sent over WiFi. When there’s no WiFi, only then the system leans back on Sprint’s network. This makes it possible to have seamless user experience both in terms of quality and price.

Phones and Plans

Republic Wireless plans

$5/mo – Unlimited talk and text over WiFi. (No cellular service)
$10/mo – Unlimited talk and text over both WiFi & Cellular.
$25/mo – Unlimited talk and text over both WiFi & Cellular. Unlimited* 3G Cellular data.
$40/mo – Unlimited talk and text over both WiFi & Cellular. Unlimited* 4G Cellular data.
*Data speeds are decreased once we use 5GB in a month. However, Republic Wireless lets us go beyond the 5GB barrier without throttling speed once in every 6 months.

These are the phones you can get on Republic Wireless.
Notice that the new Moto X (2nd Gen) is customizable! – and 32GB models available.

Republic Wireless phones

Republic Wireless Moto

PS: You cannot bring devices from other carriers to use with Republic. Because Republic Wireless has to modify the device hardware and software to make’em hybrid, you have to buy the device from Republic. The nice thing is that the devices are cheaper on Republic than the normal market.

Perks of being a Republic Wireless customer

Ability to switch in between plans as per our need, twice per month.
Ability to change our mobile number, twice without additional charge.
Really affordable plans – Can’t beat that!
Good reception in most areas, except in tunnels, metro and subways.
Can be used anywhere (even outside the country) in the presence of WiFi. (Good for international airports, foreign cities, frequent travelling)
Diverse phone selection based on value for money. Moto X for power users. Moto G for average users. Moto E for extreme savings at no compromise.
Ability to transfer mobile number from your existing network onto Republic.

Republic Wireless speedtest

On the right is the result of Republic Wireless 3G data in Washington, DC. Speeds may be higher or lower depending upon network load and area.

What about Republic Wireless’ network coverage?

If Sprint coverage is good in your area, Republic will be as well. When WiFi is not available or is turned off on your phone, everything is the same as any other Sprint user would experience on their mammoth $70+/month plans. In areas where there is no Sprint service, roaming is backed by Verizon. (This is typical of all carriers’ roaming agreements though.)

Score: 9/10

Subsidised brand new cellphones (customisable via Moto Maker) is great. $25/month for unlimited 3G data, talk/text is awesome. No contracts and no hidden fees. Knowing what you’ll pay every month is good. Ability to switch back and forth between different data plans – two times per billing cycle – is practical. To top it off, Republic Wireless also gives 30 days full money-back guarantee on every order. So if you are wavering on your decision, there’s no loss in giving Republic Wireless a try.

Check out all the plans and phones at Republic Wireless

I’d like to know what you feel about RW. Comment below with your views or questions and we shall talk about it. Thanks for stopping by!

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