InstaFree Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Service, Ever.



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This is my detailed InstaFree review where I will provide an inside look into InstaFree web hosting service. All the opinions below are my own and unbiased.

I have been lurking in the world of web making for almost 2 years now. As a student with no budget, my journey started with a cheap domain purchase (using coupons), and on 000webhost – a popular ‘free webhost’. Unfortunately, 000webhost has this tendency to crash your website hundred times every day whenever you are trying to edit, update, tweak your WordPress posts.  PLUS, 000webhost shows you their Ads all across the cPanel, and as if that wasn’t enough — when your site crashes, it redirects to their homepage for 24 hours! I also came across 2freehosting. Co-incidence: 2FH was just taking off at that time and perhaps had low load on its servers. The performance was good. I was happy, for about 3 months (check my 2freehosting review), until ‘high CPU usage’ errors came to haunt again.

Then I found InstaFree on Webhostingtalk and decided to give it a shot.

Number of high CPU usage errors I have had on InstaFree: 0
Number of ’24-hours-redirect-to-webhost’s-homepage’: 0
Number of Ads: 0
My time on InstaFree: 6+ months and counting

Just to give you a hint what you can achieve with InstaFree, one of my websites had 146,000+ hits in June-July 2014. Similarly, another one had 91,000 hits in December 2014. And the servers weren’t even tested to their limit.
I have never had server issues…AT ALL 🙂

InstaFree Review | Reasons I love It:

  • Their support is top-class. No kidding. I have had some problems during installation and Bryan (administrator) always replied within an hour with solutions.
  • No Ads! I personally love this point. Literally there are no Ads, not sure how they profit from their business. But I like them for their great service.
  • You get to work with real propriety cPanel, unlike the “cpanel clones” provided by 2HF and 000webhost (just to name a few).
  • Their raid servers are kick-ass fast, they provide us ample bandwidth, space, inodes, etc.
  • You’ll have no issues running vBulletin, WordPress, or any scripts at all. The servers are that good!
  • If you want to upgrade, it is only $1/Mo!

Things to consider before signing up:

  • Make sure you aren’t from countries that are notorious for spamming. InstaFree is serious about spam-control, up to the point that they don’t usually accept users from blacklisted countries (like India, China, and some others.) BUT, you can always personally message him and ask for an exception. I know it has worked for a couple of users. And they are so happy about it!
  • You can only operate 1 domain per user account. I guess this is to stop resource abuse. And I think this is legit!
  • If you feel the need to upgrade, shoot a message to Admin. He actually increased my server space and domain limit for free! It only took 1 honest email. If my website gets enough traffic in future, I am upgrading for sure.

This is what you get under free shared hosting plans:

Free webhosting Instafree review

And these under the paid hosting plans:

Paid webhosting

Inside glimpse of my own InstaFree cPanel:



I hope this InstaFree review was helpful. I feel that InstaFree is the most generous, and the best free webhost on the internet. Even for $0, it lets you host 1 website and provides you all the decent resources.

Score: 10/10

I wasn’t requested or compensated to publish this InstaFree review. All opinions are unbiased and my own. I feel lucky to have discovered InstaFree and hope others will too.


In March 2016, I moved this website from InstaFree to SiteGround. I tried 3 different paid web hosts before finally settling with Siteground. Siteground has had the fastest loading speed time of < 700 ms, compared to InstaFree (~4 s), Accuwebhosting (~3 s). Many years have passed I am still on Siteground; I like them!


InstaFree provides free shared hosting but it doesn’t give you domains. BlueHost (60% Off Discount Link) has a free domain and unlimited hosting offer that costs $5/mo. You get free domain names, along with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and more. It is an awesome service while still being affordable. If your website needs more resources, I’d highly recommend Media Temple hosting (33% Off Discount Link).

This website itself is hosted on Siteground’s GrowBig plan. If you’re obsessed with SPEED – like I am – (without high price tag) then you should definitely use the GrowBig or GoGeek plan at SiteGround! (60% Off Discount Link)

Feel free to let me know in comments if you have any questions regarding web hosting. I’ll be happy to help.

12 Responses to “InstaFree Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Service, Ever.”

  • Hussam Al-Tayeb January 5, 20159:35 pm

    2freehosting and 000webhost are the same thing. Both belong to hostinger.

    • Admin January 6, 201512:01 am

      True, both are hosted on Hostinger. They really need to upgrade if they even want to stay in the competition. People have wrong impressions about free web hosts, all because companies like 000webhost messed it up.

      • Hussam Al-Tayeb January 7, 20158:02 am

        Sadly on the same set of servers too so server20.2freehosting. com is the same as server20.any-hostinger-reseller. com (different domains pointing to same IPs).

        They don’t put paid users in separate serrvers and their paid service is as bad as the free one.

  • Hussam Al-Tayeb January 7, 20158:30 pm

    I am an instafree client too by the way. The service is amazing. The administrator is a very nice and helpful person and the servers are very up to date and secure.
    It is actually better than local paid webhosts in my area.

    • Admin January 7, 20158:48 pm

      Good to hear that Hussam! InstaFree should be the benchmark of free webhosting.

  • My honest 2FreeHosting review
  • Arnots December 28, 20156:08 pm

    Can’t register to their comunity, maybe my country is on their blasklist. Do you have a best alternative to it?

    • Webpicked December 29, 201512:56 pm

      I’d suggest you to email the admin of the Instafree forum and explain your situation. He has approved some people’s account before, although they were from the restricted countries because they were able to convince him they wouldn’t do anything that’s against the terms and conditions of Instafree. Unfortunately I haven’t found any free host which was better than Instafree.

  • Gremlin June 20, 20166:35 pm

    What a load of crap. This is the most useless piece of carp on the internet. All these reviews are from members that have free hosting and free domains.

    What else would you expect to hear from them. ?

    Why not talk to the hundreds that the asshole Admin tried to jack up for money, then kept their files and banned them when they refused.

    My Review = Run as fast as you can to any other host in he universe.

    • Webpicked June 25, 201612:17 am

      Hi Gremlin, what are you talking about? InstaFree gives free hosting to all members, but not free TLD domains. Also after I used their free plan for a while, I upgraded to the $1/mo plan because I needed to host multiple websites. The free plan restricts you to just 1 website. I have tried 000webhost, 2freehosting and 5GBFree — they all turned out to be NIGHTMARES in the name of “free hosting”. InstaFree on the other hand is pretty good, but as mentioned it has strict rules. You cannot be from the list of banned countries, cannot host more than 1 website on the free plan, must have a registered TLD domain, must use real name/identity while signing up. At the end, it’s these rules that prevent people form creating spam websites and hogging all the resources. The other free webhosts don’t enforce rules because they make money through ads, so they don’t care how many websites you host or how crap their service is….all they want is more and more people to sign up and see their ads! InstaFree deserved a 10/10 from my side because (if you can live by their rules) it is the best free web hosting option out there. I am confident that all the other free clones of Hostinger suck.

  • Saiful Islam February 6, 20175:14 pm

    Bryan, the admin of instafree is the most arrogant customer manager I ever talked. He chatted with me with such a bad manner that I just got astonished about what to say. His behavior was like, he is paying something worth thousands of dollar and he has all the right to insult a member in worst possible way. Congratulation to the people who are having good time with Instafree. And about “wanna be new member”, if you don’t mind being insulted just for a free hosting account, best of luck with that.

  • Indu Khan October 1, 20176:37 am

    +1 for the Siteground suggestion. I was on Instafree and now I am on SiteGround as well. Life is good 🙂


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