My Honest 2FreeHosting Review: It Is Free, But Is It Good?



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This is my honest 2FreeHosting review after I have been a customer at for both their free and premium web hosting plans for about 6 months. 2FreeHosting, founded in 2011 by Fran Villalba Segarra (COO) and Lewis M. (CEO), first located in Lithuania and is now available all around the globe. It has already got over 300,000 satisfied customers.

I have several domains that I am hosting on free plan (and premium plan*) at 2freehosting. My website is not too light. It isn’t much heavy either. I expect around 5K views per month. This is my first month with 2freehosting.

So, the deal?

Free service with some catch
Right, it is free web hosting. You get what you pay for.

Free subdomains
In case if you do not have your own domain (.com .net .org etc), you can easily choose from several extensions like and Or you could get a free .tk domain and host that as well. There are practically no limitations here.

Very easy learning curve
Most beginners’ nightmare are jargons like CPanel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and Databases. When you start using them, it is much like copying files from your pendrive to portable hard drive. Pendrive being your content and hard drive the webserver. Everything in between is butter. 2freehosting makes it easier by keeping things simple with a really intuitive back-end design.

No Ads on your website (BUT…)
There are ads on your CPanel. I guess displaying Adsense ads on your backend control panel is their revenue model.

Basics are available
Webmail with Roundcube and Squirrel mail clients. Subdomains. Unlimited domains. An auto installer that can set you up in minutes with Blogs, CMS Portals, E-stores, Forums, E-galleries. (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, phpBB, SMF, Coppermine, Jcow, hell lot of bunch of other stuffs).

2freehosting review

website builder

File manager


20GB webspace
That is way more than enough if you don’t host videos and TV shows. Most normal websites with texts and pictures would occupy about 500 MB. To give you a comparison, is currently taking 40MB.

150GB bandwidth (per month)
This part depends upon a lot of variables. If you have, say, 100K visitors per month and your average pagesize is 1MB. That would consume 100GB. You still have 50 more to go! I would expect a normal website to consume only about 5GB though.

What’s bad about 2freehosting?

With great power comes great responsibility – Spiderman!

In case of 2freehosting, I feel like people are not being responsible with their free powers. They might be using too much of traffic or CPU power for their websites, leaving less room for other users. I wish not to complain but it would be moral if all users could use their share wisely so everybody else could have a great life.

Sometimes I am posting, or editing my wordpress site and it just crashes because of “server load”. In such cases, I have to start writing blog posts from the beginning. This is particularly troublesome while installing WP plugins. If you face sever crash during plugin installation, you will have to delete the plugin and continue again. I am warning you: 2freehosting is going to make you cry in your bathtub. WordPress websites hosted on 2freehosting will almost never load properly without crashing.

Sometimes my site doesn’t open. It shows that they are having too much CPU use. I wonder what’s up with 2freehosting’s “proven” 99% up-time guarantee. The reason is clear. They are reselling their 1 server to thousands of users who each host thousands of website. Everyone is sucking out of the same bandwidth pipe that your website is on. Result is a slow website that maybe loads in 10 seconds or just crashes while its trying to load. And the ads on your cpanel are there to annoy you furthermore.

2freehosting premium 


If you want to run a website for more than a week, 2freehosting is not a good platform. Stay away! The dashboard will crash while you are working on it and when you hit publish. Dashboard will crash when installing plugins. Dashboard will stop responding when uploading images. It will crash for a whole lotta other reasons. In the end, 2freehosting is just a free host with overcrowded server that is suitable for HTML experiments, not real websites.

If you are building websites, do yourself a favor get a paid web hosting instead.

Score: 5/10


2freehosting is no more a good place to host your website. Rather spend a few dollars a month and prevent scratching your head by moving to a reliable paid hosting. For instance, BlueHost (60% Off Discount Link) has a free domain and unlimited hosting offer that costs $5/mo. You get free domain names, along with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and more. It is an awesome service while still being affordable. If your website needs more resources, I’d highly recommend Media Temple hosting (33% Off Discount Link).

Finally, this website is hosted on Siteground’s GrowBig plan. If you’re obsessed with SPEED (without paying high cost) – like I am – then you should definitely use the GrowBig or GoGeek plan at SiteGround! (60% Off Discount Link)

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