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Rebatest provides you thousands of household items on Amazon for free in exchange for product review. This is my walkthrough guide and review of Rebatest. You’ll be able to make the most of Rebatest once you read through this short blog post.

Sign up on Rebatest today and start getting free products in exchange for reviews!

Freebies in exchange for user reviews

Internet is full of website and platforms where small businesses provide discounts in exchange for user feedback. Sometimes the discount is minimal, or are limited time coupons. Sometimes the products are totally free. Sellers do it primarily to test the market and to gather honest user feedback. Feedback is the key to improving the products they are planning to launch.

What is Rebatest? Is it legit? Yes, it is.

Rebatest is a fairly recent Amazon products testing website which gives you products to review for free. Please note that you won’t be making extra money on Rebatest — you will however get products for free. Rebatest

The way in which this site is different compared to various others is that here, you apply to test the product. When that application is approved (usually it gets auto-approved), the cash balance is credited to your Rebatest account. You then buy the product on Amazon as usual. When you provide the Amazon order number and upload purchase receipt on Rebatest, the cash balance there is unlocked to be refunded to your Paypal account. The process is simple.

I have gone through the whole process and I confirm that Rebatest is a legit platform. I actually like the products they have there compared to several competitors who are also in the same business.

Getting started. How to get products for free on Amazon?

First, you have to sign up on Rebatest.

Second, pick a product you like and click on “apply now”. You can filter products based on category, price range and time when they were posted on the site.
Rebatest shopping

Once you are approved by the system, you can buy the product on Amazon. You have 4 hours to buy the product and upload the order number on Rebatest otherwise the item is released from your queue for other users to apply. After you buy the product on Amazon, paste the order number on Rebatest for the seller to verify. This usually takes a day. Once the order is verified, the amount spent on buying the item will be added to your rebatest account. Wait for the shipment to arrive from Amazon. Submit your review of the product on Amazon and post the same (or similar) review on Rebatest. Once you do these things, the amount is then unlocked for cashing out through Paypal. There is no minimum threshold for cash out — you can cash out anytime you want.

Rebatest review products

New members are limited to reviewing products on the front page. Once you complete your first review, you become a VIP member. VIP members can review exclusive products — those with “featured” tags on them. VIP products are usually expensive and fancy (> $30, which is refunded of course).

Rebatest VIP products

Rebatest has done interesting thing with the “required points” system. Points are earned by doing usual activities on the site. For instance when you sign up and link Paypal and verify email, you end up with almost 2500 points. I like the points system because this is key to stopping users from abusing the system. It also incentivizes you to use the site the way it is designed to.

How to rack up reward points on Rebatest?

Rewards points can currently be earned for the following actions and these points are added to your Points Balance:

  • Registering on the site — the first time when you register on this site you will be able to earn 1000 reward points.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter — earn 300 points when you subscribe Rebatest newsletter for the first time.
  • Update username for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add your phone number for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add Amazon profile link for the first time to earn 500 reward points. (only 3 times modification)
  • Daily sign in on the web — everyday when you login this website for the first time you will get 10 reward points.
  • Share on social media — earn 10 reward points for sharing a product on social media platform.
  • Refer a friend to register — earn 10 points for every invitation you send out which leads to friend registration.
  • Converting invitations to order — earn 500 points for every invitation you send out which leads to an order.
  • Leaving a fair review on amazon – earn 200 points for every review you left on Amazon.

Getting the refund from Rebatest

Rebatest paypal payment proof

There is a 4.4% transaction fee by Paypal plus 30 cents per transaction. Hence in this case for the 2 products I purchased and reviewed which were worth $23, I got $21 back in my Paypal. Since this is an international transfer, Paypal also charges small fee on the receiving side. All things considered, in the end I got $20 refunded to my Paypal account.

Payment Proof on Paypal

The payment was processed within 12 hours in my case. It was sent by Suteng Technology which seems to own Rebatest.

Rebatest Paypal payment proofHere’s my activity on the site so that you can understand how the reimbursement works for Amazon products.

Products reviewed – 2
Amount spent to buy the products – $23
Amount refunded in Paypal – $20


Rebatest offers me the opportunity to buy Amazon products at 100% discount (I only pay for sales tax and Paypal transfer fee). These are some of the items on Amazon which I would have bought anyway if I had to. The best part is that Rebatest has thousands of items to choose from. Users are free to buy all of them if they choose to. Sane people like me would only really place orders for things they actually need.

In my case, I just placed my third order through Rebatest for a guitar stand and pick. Would I have bought the guitar stand without Rebatest? Most probably yes! Except maybe I would have bought it from a different seller because Amazon likes to show most reviewed items at the top of the page. Because of Rebatest, I chose to buy the guitar stand from a specific seller. And I am getting full refund by the seller on the item just in exchange for my gratitude and an honest Amazon review. In the eCommerce world where some people like to buy all their products online, Rebatest looks like a heavenly platform. You pick the item you want, get full refund for whatever you pay, and leave behind an honest review for fellow shoppers on Amazon. I think that is a great concept!

Sign up on Rebatest today and start getting free products in exchange for reviews!

Update: January 9, 2020
I have tested 17 products thus far. At the time of this writing, 4 more are on the way. I like Rebatest and have already onboarded my close friends on it. Should my thoughts change, I will update this review accordingly.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know what you think of Rebatest in the comment section below!

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