Opencare Review: Visit A Dentist, Get $75 Gift Card Reward



Opencare is like AirBnB for dental checkups. It is very simple to use. Sign up with your details. Look for in-network dental clinics which are covered by your insurance. Book an appointment and visit the dentist. Upload receipt on Opencare’s website. Receive $50 gift card! The gift card can be either a VISA gift card or one of your own choice. This is my short review of Opencare. I got $50 Visa gift card for visiting a dentist. You will also get $50 when you use my referral link and visit a dentist.

Feb 2021 UPDATE – Right now Opencare is giving $75 giftcard instead of $50. Sign up and book dentist reservation before the offer is gone!

To get $75 Giftcard, you may use my referral link and sign up on Opencare.
Remember that you have to upload the receipt of your first visit on Opencare to get the giftcard.

In the past, the welcome offers have ranged from free Google Home and Home mini to even free electric toothbrushes. Right now they are giving $50 worth of giftcard and you get to pick which giftcard you want.

opencare referral giftcard

Locations Eligible For The GiftCard Offer

Opencare has not rolled out countrywide. So far the offer for referral giftcard is available in select cities in the USA and Canada. The list of places eligible for referral bonus are:

San Francisco
San Jose
San Diego
Washington DC

Is Opencare legit?

Yes! Opencare is completely legit. It is a startup and they are expanding to more cities. Keep an eye out for more offers. Sometimes they advertise free motorized tooth brushes for new dentist visitors!

opencare review

Their website lets you look up and book dentist easily. Every dental clinic as well as dentist have a profile rated by fellow users. The best part is that the website will give you an upfront estimate cost of your treatment plan.

Opencare also lets you upload your insurance details and it does the deductible math on your behalf. The estimated out-of-pocket expense is presented to the patients before they show up for treatment — which is super convenient. Furthermore, some dental clinics provide their own dentist gift cards to encourage visits from customers. You can look up reviews left by others and decide which dental clinic is the best in your area. With all dentists being so vetted, you can never go wrong.

I hope you liked my Opencare review. If you have questions or concerns, please drop them in the comments section below.

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