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honey reviewAvailable at joinhoney.com, Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds you money saving coupons, AND also earns you cash back on online purchases! Paypal recently acquired Honey for $4B. I feel delighted to have been advocating for this app for the past 4 years. It truly is a gem on the internet. In this “Join Honey review”, I’ll show you how awesome this browser extension is – and how you can get started in seconds.

Click here to join Honey. (It’s free) Start saving money & earning gift cards within 60 seconds.

Honey App Review – Automated, Seamless Cash Back Earnings

There are numerous ways to save money. One of them is by using coupons, of course. Unfortunately not all stores have coupons that you can find online. But did you know that every time you shop online – regardless of if you use coupons or not – you could be earning free cash backs!

What Is Honey Cashback?

honey review cashback browser extensionCash back is the amount of money that you get back when you shop at a store. It is usually fixed in percentage. For example, a store might offer 10% in cash back. It means that if you buy a $200 appliance, you will get $20 back which can either be a voucher that can only be used at that store in future, or it may as well be cold hard cash.

Honey app calls this Honey cashback offers “cash bonus” — they are the same. 🙂

Whenever you purchase at qualifying stores (which they have plenty), you will get cash bonus.

All About Honey – and how is it helpful?

Honey is a browser extension and because you almost always use a browser to shop online, this extension saves you money every time you check-out online. It has two main functions.

  1. Automatic Coupons Insertion

When you are at the checkout page of any qualifying store, in this case GoDaddy, click on the highlighted Honey icon on top right of your browser. Click on Try Codes and Honey app will automatically insert and check each coupon code to find you maximum savings. Proceed to check out, and enjoy both the coupon discount and cash bonus.

  1. Cash Back Rewards Program (also automatic)

Regardless of whether you applied coupons or not, you can enroll in the cash bonus (cash back) rewards program.

honey review cash back rewards browser extension

As you see, Honey browser extension sits there on your browser and saves your money without even you having to hustle.

honey review cash back bonus

I just renewed a domain at GoDaddy for about $12 and received 75 HoneyGold. How much of my time did it take? 10 seconds or less! If I had made a purchase of $120, that would have been 750 HoneyGold which is $7.5 worth of Amazon Giftcard.

honey review proof of cash bonus earned

As you can see below, my HoneyGold is ready to be redeemed!

HoneyGold cashback proof

I consider this plugin important because I make frequent online transactions. If I knew that there was this plugin to unconsciously earn cash back, I would have earned $500 so far. It means that I have lost $500 which could have been mine to spend on Amazon!

If you want to use Honey, click here to sign up and get up & running with money saving.

Remember that saving a dollar is just as important as earning it. With Honey browser extension installed, these dollars add up quickly as you shop online at your favorite stores. Best of all, it is automated: neither do you have to hunt for coupons nor do you have to sign up at third party cash back stores. Honey does that for you!

Payment Proof: (Pays in Amazon Giftcards, multiples of $10)

Depending on how much you shop online and cash rewards you accumulate, you can redeem those Honey Gold for Amazon giftcards. Following is a snapshot of what it looks like when I redeem mine.

join honey payment proof

And then few hours later…… BAAM! Honey sends me a $10 Amazon giftcard code via email … umm for doing no laborious work at all? 🙂 Man I LOVE this!

Honey review giftcard reward payment proof

Honey Chrome Extension Review Summary

Honey does a great job at saving money autonomously and it is a very non-invasive design from its creators. That’s the reason why millions of people have been using it to auto-insert coupons at check out. The extension is available on Google Chrome browser as well as some other platforms like Firefox, Opera, etc. This browser plugin will be available as Honey app for smartphones. As a recent addition, the extension also works on Amazon! When you’re browsing products on Amazon.com, honey displays a small yellow tag next to Amazon’s price – indicating whether a better deal exists. Try it!

Click here to sign up for Honey, and start saving money.

There is also a smartphone app called Do$h that I use for cashback rewards and deals at physical stores and restaurants. You should check it out!

Now on to you, have you been using Honey or similar plugins to earn cash backs? If there is something you’d like me to add, feel free to put them down in the comment section below!

9 Responses to “Honey Review: Browser Extension That Earns You Money!”

  • Lauren S October 8, 20164:11 pm

    I like the extension and its feature. Have been using it a lot lately. It is a slow money maker if you will. It’s not a method to make money online. Rather a lifehack to apply automatic discount. And some stores give you cashback upto like 10% that might take care of monthly phone bill. Since it is full automatic I’d recommend this to everyone who shops online!

    • Webpicked October 15, 20166:22 pm

      I am glad you also see Honey as a passive money maker, and also more as a top method of saving money online on every purchase we make. I always make sure to see if Honey has discounts before I check out on any websites I buy my stuffs. Amazon and Groupon cash rewards program by Honey is the best in my opinion…. a way to accumulate Honey Gold by putting in no effort.

  • Steve M December 2, 201612:27 am

    I hit the jackpot with 20pct cash bonus on a $730 purchase of the phones!

    No maintenance high reward plug in. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • Thomas Laine December 20, 20167:53 pm

    Thanks, saved money today! I’m delighted that I bookmarked your page and came back to it to install Honey on my PC.

  • Honey user December 28, 201611:31 am

    Hey, I just installed and it auto-applied coupons for me at several online stores. This is almost magical rather than I searching for coupons individually!

  • Guerst January 21, 20174:12 pm

    When will I get the giftcard rewards after cashing out?

    • Webpicked January 21, 20174:15 pm

      Approx 1 or less business day if it is your first time cashing out. If you’ve cashed out before on Honey, it will be almost instant. They send out email which has gift card codes to be redeemed at amazon.com/gc. If you cashed out a long time ago and still haven’t received anything, send them an email and they’ll take care of it. Hope that helped. Best!

  • J King November 26, 201712:59 pm

    So this is kind of like Cyber Monday, but for the entire year? I liked the idea so I have installed the extension on Chrome. Will keep an eye out for the discounts when I shop next time.

  • Joe Hansen December 29, 20172:10 am

    Good app. Also heard about it on /r/beermoney and read your post. Installed 🙂


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