Free Brilliant Bikes: Get one for yourself quick!



Brilliant Bikes Co. is giving away whole lot of gifts come Memorial Day (March 23, 2015). Yep, and the prizes include $399 valued Bikes. And it’s not a lottery! Everybody can win at least something.

Here’s how you can win Brilliant Bikes for yourself:

1. Visit Brilliant Bikes’s Offer. (Valid until March 22, 2015)
2. Sign up with your Email address. (That’s the only thing you need)
3. Spread the word among your friends.

The prize depends on the number of referrals you bring to Brilliant Bikes.
Get 5 referrals: earn $10
Get 10 referrals: earn $20
Get 25 referrals: earn $50
Get 50 referrals: earn $100
Get 99 referrals: earn Free Bike! Valued at $399

Free Brilliant Bikes


Eligibility: You should be living in the US (and 18+) in order to receive your prize.

I hope you’ll make the best of this offer and grab the prizes. The weather is getting better by the day and all of us NEED a bike for the summer!

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