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Introduction To Liquid Web Hosting

liquid web hosting iconLiquid Web is one of those top hosting companies that are focused on corporate and enterprise website services. It’s main products are dedicated hosting, VPS and ‘Smart Servers’, which utilize cloud technology. LiquidWeb is privately owned and has been in business since 1997. It currently owns and manages three data centers, in Lansing, MI (US), and it has an additional office in Scottsdale, AZ. With just 20,000 clients, the company is smaller but it arguably focuses on high-value services as opposed to signing up large numbers of clients. As a result, Liquid Web’s services are top rated, moderately priced, reliable and have serious resource backing them.

LiquidWeb Hosting Plans

LiquidWeb offers fully managed dedicated servers, Storm platform Cloud dedicated AND Storm platform VPS hosting plans.

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  • Dedicated servers can be selected and customized on the website. Depending on the server configuration, and there’s a choice of processors, operating systems (including Windows and CentOs Linux), the cost will vary. One, two and four-core servers are available, and add-ons such as backups, storage and firewalls can be added for an additional fee.
  • The Storm Platform VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordable features of The Storm® Platform. Each VPS package supports 100 percent network uptime, monitoring, and a 30 minute response guarantee. For customers who want a normal VPS plan, LiquidWeb offer 5 different packages.
  • Storm Platform Cloud Dedicated Servers allow users to view complete technical server specifications and order exactly the server they need. Need a specific RAID configuration? Need an exact CPU processor type? No problem. You get complete hardware transparency and a choice between Windows or Linux.

LiquidWeb Uptime/Downtime

Dedicated and VPS customers are given a 100% network up-time guarantee at LiquidWeb, plus a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee and a 30 minute initial response time guarantee. Impressively, the company credits customers with 10x the amount of downtime they experienced if any of these promises are not met. In other words, each hour’s downtime results in ten hours’ account credit.

The company’s data centers are prominently promoted on its website; they have three separate facilities in Lansing, MI. All are privately owned and operated by the company, and they even provide videos to show off their facilities. The company offers Tier 1 premium bandwidth (via high-profile partners such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint), electronic security systems, dedicated power transformers and various forms of UPS backup, plus diesel generators. The data centers themselves have reinforced concrete walls and are air conditioned, with redundant air conditioning systems on standby.

LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support

Liquid Web claims that the average time for a support call to be answered is 20 seconds, which is impressive. It also claims its average response time for email and tickets is ten minutes. Support is provided via one US toll-free number, plus an additional US number for international clients. All staff are based on-site, so they have access to the data centers in case of any issues.

liquid web heroic support

There are actually three levels of support under the company’s ‘Heroic Support’. Dedicated and VPS customers are also guaranteed a 59-second answer time on the phone and via live chat, with hourly account credits being given if the call or live chat request takes longer than six minutes to be answered. Compensation must be manually claimed by the customer.

LiquidWeb’s support site includes a massive knowledge base which is structured as a blog. It’s not the easiest support site to navigate, but the information is incredibly detailed.

Dedicated and VPS customers can choose what to install on their own servers. Cpanel is listed as a configuration option on CentOs for an additional monthly fee.

LiquidWeb Extras

It doesn’t appear that LiquidWeb offer many free gifts or incentives. Depending on the shared package you choose, you’ll receive two, three or five free domain names.

LiquidWeb Money Back Guarantee/Cancellation Policy

In terms of a money-back guarantee, LiquidWeb offer a 30-day guarantee on shared hosting plans only.

In all other situations when a plan is cancelled, refunds are only given for full months’ service. Customers must give notice before their billing cycle renews for the month they wish to cancel. No setup fees are refunded, and free domain names are chargeable at $14.95 each. This amount is deducted from the refund.

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LiquidWeb is a company looking to attract high-value customers with big resource requirements. The real focus for the company is on dedicated, cloud and VPS services. They are moderately priced and offer high quality hosting services.

If support and reliability are important to you, LiquidWeb will be a perfect host. If you can work with less disk space and less traffic, I recommend you to try SiteGround instead. Their pricing is suitable for blogs and websites with <50K visitors/mo. On the other hand, LiquidWeb is meant for massive blogs that require top speed and hardware resources and always see high number of visitors and online traffic. LiquidWeb is a great hosting company and if you customize your server according to your website’s need, there is no need to pay extra at other hosting companies.

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