GoDaddy 1 Dollar Coupon: Web Hosting & Domain For $1

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The Ultimate GoDaddy 1 Dollar Domain Coupon

In this post about GoDaddy 1 dollar coupon, we’ll show you in simple steps (with illustrations) how to build your own website on GoDaddy for just $1 per month, and get a free domain name of your choice.

The hosting plan is called GoDaddy’s Unlimited Economy Plan
Regular price: $7.99/mo | Coupon price: $1.00/mo

Click here to activate GoDaddy 1 dollar website coupon

Specifications of what you’ll get for $1 per month plan on GoDaddy:

  • A web hosting plan (Linux or Windows) for 12 months
  • 10 GB SSD Disk Space (Faster than the previous Hard Drives)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – 25, 000 monthly visitors
  • 1 Free domain name
  • Control Panel (i.e cPanel) with Linux Hosting or Plesk With Windows
  • 100 Free email addresses
  • 150 free applications with Linux & 70 free applications with Windows (1 click install scripts)
  • 45 Days money back guarantee
  • 10*1GB storage MySQL databases Linux and 200 MB storage Windows SQL Databases
  • DDoS Protection
  • 50 FTP Accounts

As you can see, using this GoDaddy 1 dollar promo, you can host 1 website on your plan that will have 10 GB SSD space. The 25, 000 visitors is more than enough because it is counted per unique IP address per 24 hours period. So if the same visitor accesses your website 50 times on the same day, it will count as 1 visitor not 50. The visits by Google bots or search engine spiders are also not counted. In my opinion, your website will most certainly never require all that much resources. If you are a blogger or anyone trying to establish online presence with a website, this 1 dollar GoDaddy plan is a great place to start.

Note: Advanced users, if you wish to host your GoDaddy’s domain on a different web host, simply change the nameservers in the domain manager in your GoDaddy account. It does not cost any money.

Step By Step: GoDaddy Web Hosting & Free Domain For $1/mo

To get a free domain name and Economy web hosting for $1/mo, follow along these simple steps. We have included pictures so it should be a very straightforward process. However, if you have queries, feel free to leave your questions below in the comments section.

1. Click here to redeem GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting coupon and free domain

GoDaddy 1 dollar promo

After you click on the promotional offer above, it will take you to GoDaddy’s website where you might notice this image that indicates you have activated an offer. It will specifically be written on the top (in orange color) that the offer is for 1 dollar per month hosting and a free domain on GoDaddy.

Sometimes you might land on step #2 directly. That’s also fine. Nothing to worry about! 🙂

2. Select the Economy plan (AKA GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting + domain plan)

GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting plan coupon

After you click on the offer link above, it should show you this page on GoDaddy’s website. Select the Economy plan. Select 12 months on the next page. Scroll below. Click continue.

3. Check the availability of domain you want to register (it’s free!)

GoDaddy 1 dollar domain

This is the step where you have to choose your free domain name. The domain name has to be available (not already bought by anyone else) for you to register. Press Go when done.

4. Add domain, and continue

GoDaddy domain $1 free

Add and continue if you’re happy with the domain of your choice.

5. Final check before purchasing your hosting and free domain

This is the most important step. Here, make sure that your cost is $12.18, nothing more than that. Check this image below and ensure that everything is set up the way they’re supposed to be.

GoDaddy $1 website hosting


#1 The Economy hosting should cost $1.00/mo. You have to select 12 months on the drop down so that the total is $12.00

#2 The domain is for free so it should cost nothing. You have to select it for 1 year in the drop down to make it free.

#3 Total cost should be $12.18.

Click on the orange button “Proceed to checkout” if everything looks good on your screen. Don’t worry you can come back to this page before final payment.

6. Register/Login and check out

For the offer to be activated, you should be a new customer. You can create a new account. OR you can try to login if you are a returning customer and experiment whether the offer works out.

Registering as a new customer is the best way to do it. It is straightforward and you will not need directions on that. It’s easy.

GoDaddy 1 domain free

After you register as new customer, you’ll be brought back to step 5. Now you can proceed and pay GoDaddy $12 for the 12 months. You’ll get unlimited economy hosting plan and 1 domain that you chose.

After you check out, GoDaddy will send you a confirmation email about your domain and hosting purchase. When you log into your GoDaddy account, you’ll see the domain name there registered for 1 year. Congratulations! You should now be on your way to create your new website!

If you have any questions regarding our GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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