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Welcome to our FreeEats review where I will walk you through the whole get-paid-to-view service. I signed up on FreeEats a week ago and my experience with it so far has been a delight!

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What is FreeEats?

FreeEats reviewFreeEats is like AdSense (more like survey websites) where advertisers pay users to take surveys or view ads. The difference is that FreeEats uses our cellphone and hence the surveys come to us (via Texts) rather than us going online to look for surveys. It’s a Paid-To-View business. Even if we completely ignore those texts, we get $0.25 each just for receiving them. If we want to stop the texts or pause the service, we have to reply “STOP” to one of those texts.

I tried FreeEats and made $2.25 within my first half an hour. Payment was instant with no minimum cashout amount, via Paypal. It didn’t require any work at all. Altogether I have earned $13.5 in the past 3 days. I can attest that FreeEats is really great for those with unlimited cellphone plans, as it requires no effort.

If you are ready to earn, Sign up here.

Both you and I get $1 each if you signup via my ref link.
After you’ve signed up, FreeEats will send you a text message with confirmation link in it. Follow the link to complete registration. I am not the owner of freeeats and have no relation with it. All these are my own unbiased opinions.

There’s no minimum cash out amount. (Which I found cool!)
They transfer the amount directly into your Paypal. Enter your Paypal email at sign up.
Earn $1 for signup; then $0.25 for each text you receive
(plus $1 more if you do the surveys)
First 25 survey takers get $10 for the survey, the others after that get $1 for the survey.
(It’s always good to do the survey as soon as you get the text.)
If you don’t do the surveys, you still get the $0.25 which goes straight to Paypal.
They send about 1 or 2 texts every day.

T-Mobile users are having some troubles getting the texts. Depending upon where you live, sometimes the texts can take long to deliver. Have patience.

Payment Proof:

FreeEatsPaypal free eats

Feel free to comment below if you have your own opinions or issues. I am ready to help. Good luck!

41 Responses to “FreeEats Review And Experiences”

  • Harish January 6, 20151:44 am

    Registered under you and received $1.25 so far! Hoping to earn more soon. Thanks!

    • liyah December 28, 20156:30 pm

      Did it take 24 hrs

      • terrence braden May 8, 201611:02 pm

        it took me 10min

    • Teresa March 17, 20163:51 pm

      how do i confirm can anyone tell me

  • Curly January 6, 20157:31 pm

    Good one for some free pocket money on the side. Can’t wait for more texts to come, and more $$$ with them.


    • Davis January 7, 20151:12 am

      Haha, I have heard that we’ll be getting higher number of texts during the election. So yeah, signed up, and I believe it’s worth beyond just the initial dollar and quarter, and the quarter texts.

  • Robinson J. January 9, 20158:32 pm

    I just came here to thank you man. You made my week…I have made a bunch of bucks that should buy me daily hot drinks. Please share more sich ideas!! 🙂

  • Tomas Bishop January 10, 20156:18 pm

    I don’t understand why FreeEats isn’t more popular, it’s such an easy way to make money online, don’t you think?

  • Duane Mobley January 11, 201510:24 am

    Tomas, do you receive notice and contact info on your personal referrals to FreeEats?

    • Tomas Bishop January 13, 20157:57 am

      I have yet to receive any referrals yet, so I wouldn’t know. I receive text messages from FreeEats that include advertisements though

      • Gail September 18, 20159:47 pm

        I signed up for four days ago and still haven’t received my sign up $1.00 or any texts messages but they sent me a text message like they had deposited a $1.00 in my PayPal account and haven’t seen it yet. I wonder if it was a poy to get my credit card number.

        • Webpicked September 18, 20159:57 pm

          Hi Gail, they should never ask for your credit card details. Since the payment is done via Paypal, you should receive a text message saying the dollar was deposited but to receive that you need to login to your paypal to verify that that phone number and your paypal are linked. It was about 10 months ago that I faced similar situation. Freeeats is not a scam. The frequency of texts they used to send has decreased dramatically. But they are definitely not scamming. If you are concerned about your specific query, you can always just email Freeeats. They should give you a better answer. Hope that helps.

    • Admin January 13, 20155:01 pm

      FreeEats does not give out information of referrals. The only way to find out whether someone signed up under you is when you get a dollar in your PayPal. That’s it.

  • Heather January 15, 20158:29 pm

    I have been with FreeEats for over a month and have yet to get a text message all I have earned was 1.25 when I signed up… They say it’s random but not one text in a month!!!

    • Admin January 15, 201510:59 pm

      Hi Heather,
      I have a friend who received a text last week. Personally, I have not received anymore since the last week of December. (I got a bunch of texts in December, that’s it…) Still, I won’t say that it is a sham website. Seems like they don’t have any advertisers for the moment while they’re focusing on increasing the user base.

  • Lauren January 20, 20153:21 pm

    I love this site but I stopped receiving texts and I didn’t stop or pause anything

    • Tomica January 31, 20157:36 pm

      I am going through the same thing happened to me. I discovered this opportunity from a reliable source. Signed up it worked for a couple of weeks and then it stopped. If anyone knows how to get the opportunity to start again please let me know .
      I thank you in advance! 🙂

      • Shawnlee March 13, 20153:38 pm

        I agree, I’m interested in knowing aswell.

        • John March 23, 20154:11 pm

          I contacted them. They are still building out their network and getting customers to pay their members. More will be coming.

    • lisa May 30, 20151:59 pm

      Me tooooo. Did it ever get resolved

    • lisa May 30, 20152:01 pm

      Me tooooo. Fifty in a day. Or fifty total

      • Webpicked May 30, 20152:08 pm

        50 total. But they update their referral policy every once in a while and give you new referral link so you can invite 50 more.

  • Tina Bellew January 27, 201511:40 pm

    I signed up back in Dec 2014 with and they gave me $1.25 in my paypal account and just a few minutes ago I got a texts from paypal telling me that freeeats canceled the $1.25 that they put in my paypal account plus I never received any text from them for any surveys and I never optout or paused.

    • Admin January 27, 201511:47 pm

      Tina, I’d suggest you to email them since your situation is unique. By any chance, did you ever text the word “STOP” to that number? If not, it must be a technical glitch.

    • Mark April 19, 20153:59 pm

      Is your Mobile phone linked to your account? If it isn’t linked with PayPal then the payment will be withdrawn.

  • tasha March 6, 201512:17 pm

    I too keep receiving emails from Free Eats telling me they canceled my payments that were sent to my Paypal account. They stop paying once u reach $30-$40. This is now March and I was doing this in December.

    • Webpicked March 6, 20154:29 pm

      According to their policy, currently, you stop being paid via referrals once you’ve made $50 by referring people. Maybe that could be the case with you.

      • Ben June 14, 20155:03 pm

        If this had no limit to how much money we made, I would be rich.

  • Shawnlee March 13, 20153:35 pm

    I really enjoy the whole idea behind the opportunity, I just wish that they would send out more text messages.

  • smartphone apps that pay you March 25, 201511:37 am

    so you can’t get paid for referrals after you hit $50?

    • Webpicked June 25, 201511:00 pm

      There’s a $50 limit on referral earnings. However, you can still keep earning through the text ads/surveys – they don’t have limit on those.

  • breanna May 4, 201511:39 am

    I haven’t received any text to earn the 25 cents I got a dollar from me signing up and then a 1$ referring a friend but no text

  • Haley May 19, 201511:53 am

    It won’t let me sign up because of my phone number???

  • Odd July 2, 20156:33 pm

    I made my $50 in two days
    They need no limit on referrals
    And I never received one text for a survey
    (Only been 2 days though)

  • Jade September 7, 201511:14 am

    I signed up and it’s been 24hrs I haven’t received anything from PayPal yet from freeeats. So I have no clue why it’s not working.

    • Webpicked September 7, 20152:18 pm

      Hi Jade, are you sure your Paypal is linked to the phone number that you used to sign up. Normally the $1.25 should have been paid upon signup in a very short time.

  • Hussain Namous October 7, 20159:00 pm

    Please help…. I signed up with a valid US phone number and a zipcode and it told me that I was supposed to get a text to confirm my membership. Why have not I received anything? I emailed them and they told me that some numbers don’t go through our system. I asked them to provide me with what types of numbers work and I got no response. It has been two weeks. What should I do?

    • Webpicked October 8, 20152:58 am

      Hello Hussain, I know T-mobile doesn’t work with Freeeats. Some of my friends are in the same situation as you’re in. Unfortunately I cannot suggest you a solution other than trying again either after some time, or with a different number.

  • Teresa March 17, 20163:53 pm

    How do i confirm on my phone what do i click can anyone tell me

    • Webpicked March 17, 20164:13 pm

      Hi Teresa, you should receive a text message with a confirmation link and instruction. Once you click and open that link, your account will be verified. If you haven’t received such text message at all, it could be an issue with your mobile carrier. I have heard that the texts from FreeEats doesn’t get delivered to T-Mobile users. Sprint, Verizon and AT&T folks should not have such problems.

  • Christian June 9, 20164:22 pm

    Free eats is awesome!


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