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Welcome to our FreeEats review where I will walk you through the whole get-paid-to-view service. I signed up on FreeEats a week ago and my experience with it so far has been a delight!

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What is FreeEats?

FreeEats reviewFreeEats is like AdSense (more like survey websites) where advertisers pay users to take surveys or view ads. The difference is that FreeEats uses our cellphone and hence the surveys come to us (via Texts) rather than us going online to look for surveys. It’s a Paid-To-View business. Even if we completely ignore those texts, we get $0.25 each just for receiving them. If we want to stop the texts or pause the service, we have to reply “STOP” to one of those texts.

I tried FreeEats and made $2.25 within my first half an hour. Payment was instant with no minimum cashout amount, via Paypal. It didn’t require any work at all. Altogether I have earned $13.5 in the past 3 days. I can attest that FreeEats is really great for those with unlimited cellphone plans, as it requires no effort.

If you are ready to earn, Sign up here.

Both you and I get $1 each if you signup via my ref link.
After you’ve signed up, FreeEats will send you a text message with confirmation link in it. Follow the link to complete registration. I am not the owner of freeeats and have no relation with it. All these are my own unbiased opinions.

There’s no minimum cash out amount. (Which I found cool!)
They transfer the amount directly into your Paypal. Enter your Paypal email at sign up.
Earn $1 for signup; then $0.25 for each text you receive
(plus $1 more if you do the surveys)
First 25 survey takers get $10 for the survey, the others after that get $1 for the survey.
(It’s always good to do the survey as soon as you get the text.)
If you don’t do the surveys, you still get the $0.25 which goes straight to Paypal.
They send about 1 or 2 texts every day.

T-Mobile users are having some troubles getting the texts. Depending upon where you live, sometimes the texts can take long to deliver. Have patience.

Payment Proof:

FreeEatsPaypal free eats

Feel free to comment below if you have your own opinions or issues. I am ready to help. Good luck!

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