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NiceTalk Tutor AppAbout NiceTalk Tutor App

NiceTalk (known as NiceTalk Tutor on App store) is a legit app that pays $10/hr for tutoring Chinese students so as to improve their spoken English skills. You do not need any teaching credentials to become a tutor. All you need are internet, smartphone and good English speaking skill.

The app is easy to navigate through. Once you are logged in and press “go online”, the students will find you rather than you looking for students. If you build a good relation the same students will register for more lessons with you which is good for both parties. The teaching experience is really satisfying. If I felt I couldn’t deliver, it made me want to improve my approach on NiceTalk Tutor.

Notes on NiceTalk Cashout

NiceTalk Tutor app pays $10.00/hr and you get $10 bonus just for signing up using somebody’s referral code. You may use my code: TMPD53N0 for $10 bonus when signing up.

or, click here to sign up (ref-link) for $10 bonus during signup at NiceTalk.

As a tutor with a REF code, you receive $20 for every approved person who uses your ref, after they teach for 30mins. They payout via PayPal every Monday. If you’ve made under $20.00 for the week, they cycle that into the next payday.

Payment Proof Of NiceTalk

Just to make sure that this app was legit, I tutored and referred few of my friends. I was paid as mentioned, without any fees. The money was paid via Paypal in about 3 days from the date it was dispatched.

NiceTalk Tutor Payment Proof

As you can see, NiceTalk is completely legit and paid me 100% of what I earned, without any hidden fees.

Tutor’s Nationality

NiceTalk Tutor app is mainly for people from USA, Canada, Australia, and England but residents of other countries can submit a short video demonstrating their English speaking capabilities. On NiceTalk, the tutor’s nationality does not matter. If you can prove that you have a good command over the English language, you will be accepted in the tutoring program.

About The Students

Just as you’d expect, students on NiceTalk are a mixed pot. Some are very good with English while some can barely express themselves — which is why they chose to signup as students. The lessons are open-ended so feel free to talk about topics they want, or simply answer their questions. The end goal is to make them comfortable and teach them the English language.

How To Tutor On NiceTalk

The app does not enforce any strict methods. As a tutor, you are free to implement you own ways that you may be good with. From what I’ve gathered, there are not many opportunities for the students to speak with native English speakers, so just listening to how we formulate sentences and how we respond are already key elements to tutoring well. When I see they aren’t grasping it, I tune it slightly until they get the concept. It’s trial and error and you end up finding your own way to tutor as you become comfortable with their platform.

WiFi/Data Issues?

I haven’t run into terrible, terrible signal so much but on occasion the connection wasn’t optimal. Their locations may also not be ideal at times, but it always worked out (either turning off video and relying solely on audio, or moving to a spot you know there to be solid signal). Sometimes audio cuts out but the student will usually call you again.

Sidenotes On NiceTalk

I found it’s best to have the app closed when you are online. Without any ring or vibrate, I missed a few calls (3 or 4) when the app was open. Don’t be alarmed if calls cut off at the 10 min mark. Those are usually students who have used up their free trial period. Be patient with the beginners. Encourage the intermediate students, and enjoy the advanced speakers’ conversations. The students have lots to offer and I always end up feeling I’ve learned more than I’ve taught. Have fun with your students and have fun with the experience.

NiceTalk Tutor Application Approval

You’ll need to submit a video demonstrating your English speaking capabilities. If you’re a native English speaker (from UK, Australia, US, or wherever with whatever accent) you’ll fly with flying colors. It can help to write a little script beforehand which is completely fine but you can do as you like. For me, I submitted a video with a short introduction, nothing too informative, and then followed with my plans for the app, my eagerness to teach, and my hopes for offering whatever help I can to the students. I left off with a casual “…and that’s about it! I hope to get teaching soon!” I believe my submission ran under one minute. Approval took about 2 hours for me but I think can vary. Your approach can go in any number of ways so don’t feel restricted to any sort of format.

iOS Enterprise Developer Not Trusted

If you’re running iOS 9 you may run into the “Enterprise Developer Not Trusted” which can be resolved:
Settings >> General >> Profile
You should see the app listed at that screen. Tap on it. Tap “Trust (name here)”

Issues with Android Installation

There have been some comments that android users ran into where downloading the app didn’t complete. Also that the referral code tab on the menu didn’t show their ref code. This could be that they’re iOS app dev was tighter than their android developing and may in fact have some kinks, but this is straight conjecture as I have no idea what the issue could be (I will email them to raise the issue and post any updates I get from them). With the referral code, it could be that they don’t issue a ref code right off the bat after your approval or right after 30mins of speaking. I’m unsure if I checked for my ref code early on after starting. It could be the case, or again, I could be entirely wrong and it’s just an issue on their end.

Peak Hour Bonus On NiceTalk

China time is 12hrs ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). NiceTalk mentions peak hour bonuses. And during peak hours, you may get extra bonus for every minute you spend talking to students. These promotion activities may vary periodically and you will be informed via email updates or notifications but I’m not entirely sure what they consider peak hours.

Anyway, I usually get the most calls between 5a-9am (EST) but at times it can stretch to 12pm (EST). (5pm-12am in China)

In regards to some calls being missed (as described in SIDENOTES above), they mentioned to have your phone on ringer and not on silent. Other suggestions were to clear cache and reopen the app and that they relayed the info to the product manager.

Endnote on NiceTalk Tutor App

NiceTalk Tutor is a great app that helps students on the other side of the globe to learn master spoken English. It will also help you, the tutor, be a better speaker and understand those who have language barrier.

Signup Referral Link: (for $10 bonus during signup)
Referral Code: TMPD53N0 ($10 bonus; enter during signup)

If you need help, comment below, or even go ahead and share your experiences about NiceTalk with us. Happy tutoring!

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